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Humanitarian Tragedy in Refugee Camps
in Pakistan and Inside Afghanistan
Thousands of ruined families need your help

“We have not even stones for our children graves”, they complained.

Another young from Baghlan province said that the world was treating as if they were dogs.

"We are waiting to die. If food does not come, if the situation does not change, we will eat this... until we die," said Ghalam Raza, a 42-year-old man with a hacking cough, pain in his stomach and bleeding bowels.

The Guardian
, January 9, 2002

"It's really awful... They are living in a situation I don't think anybody in this room could survive for more than a few days."
Angelina Jolie, Actress and goodwill ambassador for the UN

Dear supporters,

An orphan girl

You may be aware of the terrible miseries of Afghan refugees in Peshawar.

Cold, disease and malnutrition have killed several children at in refugee camps and some refugees have been reduced to eating grass. After the US strikes hundreds of thousands of more refugees came to Pakistan. We are witnessing but can do nothing tangible.

Situation is even worse inside Afghanistan: Hundreds of thousands of drought and war-stricken people in Western, Northern and Central provinces have left their villages and are living in camps in a disastrous situation. Majority of children are facing diseases affiliated with malnutrition and many die of hunger everyday. Even people have been reduced to eating animal feed in different camps.

We appeal for your URGENT help.

If you get somebody or some interested NGOs/institutions to help in any way, please do it without delay.

RAWA have already distributed medicines, foodstuff and quilts/blankets among refugees in Pakistan and displaced people in Herat, Farah, Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif. But what we have so far done is like a drop in the ocean. Your URGENT donations can save life of many ill-fated children.

Kindly send your donations in cash or a check payable to “IHC/Afghan Women's Mission” to the following address and inform us through email:

Donation for Refugees
The Afghan Women's Mission
P.O. Box 40846
Pasadena, CA 91114-7846

Donations are tax deductable to the extent of the law.

Kindly inform us by emailing when you are sending donations.
Heartfelt thanks in advance for your help to the ill-fated

Some of Our Humanitarian Operations:

RAWA Takes Part in Reconstruction of Villages
RAWA aid package to earthquake victims in Nahrin
RAWA's Malalai Hospital was inaugurated in Pakistan
RAWA medical team for earthquake victims in Nahrin
RAWA's aid to earthquake victims in Nahrin
RAWA's aid to earthquake victims in Samangan province
RAWA's aid to biggest Kabul Orphanage
RAWA's Aid to Maslakh and Shaedaia Camps in Herat
RAWA distributes 8000 quilts among Afghan refugees
RAWA Eid Package for new refugees in Peshawar | in Islamabad | in Rawalpindi | in Quetta
RAWA distributes flour and ghee in Akora Khattak Camp
RAWA distributes flour bags among refugees
RAWA distributes ghee among refugees in Akora camp
RAWA distributes quilts among refugees
RAWA distributes medicines among refugees (Reflection in the press)
RAWA in the Jallozi camp (photos)
RAWA distributes relief goods among Afghan refugees

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