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      "What can we do to help RAWA?" This is a frequently asked question we receive from our supporters and well-wishers around the world. Below we give some suggestions:

      Give RAWA up to 26% of each purchase you made at no extra cost to you.
      Do shopping at so 26% of your each purchase goes to RAWA.
        You can

        We need many digital photo/video cameras. Donate us new or second hand cameras of 5 mega pixels or above.
        (contact for details)

        Or order items from our Wishlist on
      • introduce RAWA and its activities to individuals, groups, schools, universities, organizations, and other congregations in your community and raise awareness on the plight of Afghan women.

      • organize fundraising campaign with the help of your like-minded friends/colleagues to collect monetary donations for RAWA’s humanitarian projects. (email us for guidance)

      • urge different institutions in your area to invite RAWA representative to speak on the situation of Afghan women and RAWA efforts, to inform people about women’s rights tragedy in Afghanistan.

      • give coverage to reports on Afghanistan and Northern Alliance and Taliban crimes in your publications, or somehow make people in your community aware of them. Write articles and letters to major media of your town and country.

      • urge celebrated personalities of your country to raise their voice in support of RAWA and Afghan women and urge their government not to support the Northern Alliance or any other fundamentalist group in Afghanistan.

      • (for those who know Persian, Pashtu) translate RAWA writings and articles for us into major languages, particularly English

      • translate articles on RAWA web site into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or any other language.

      • organise gatherings, meetings, seminars, etc. to highlight the situation of Afghan women under the fundamentalists

      • find art galleries, museums or any other such centers to host RAWA photo exhibition.

      • sell/distribute RAWA publications in your community against it's price and postage costs

      • help our schools with funds, any and all school supplies, etc. and send them to our address in Pakistan

      • help our medical teams with funds, medicines and medical supplies. (email us for list of most needed medicines and supplies.)

      • donate computers for our training courses for women and children

      • donate films with progressive and anti-fundamentalist themes (preferably with sub-titles in English) for our resource centre for anti-fundamentalist, human rights education

      • donate camcorders, digital photo cameras (preferably in small size for hidden use), or any other special equipment for RAWA's documentation center. We need many such eqiupment to film and photograph the atrocities against women in Afghanistan.

      • write to authorities voicing your protest and support for RAWA in events of government or non-government violence against our organisation (assassination of our founding leader Meena in Pakistan; kidnapping and maltreatment of RAWA collaborator by Pakistani government secret service agents in Islamabad, April 28, 1997; attack by Taliban hooligans on RAWA peaceful demonstrations, April 28, 1998 and December 10, 2000; threatening of RAWA and its friends, attack on its staff etc.)

      • make other donors aware of our needs

      • come up with ideas of your own on how you can or would like to help RAWA

      • Thanks in advance for your support and sympathies with your Afghan sisters.

      Help us run Malalai Hospital, RAWA Schools, orphanages, literacy courses, handicraft workshops and tens of other humanitarian projects and to publish publications, hold functions and demonstration and other political actions to show the fundamentalists that the Afghan women are not alone in their struggle for freedom and democracy. We solicit your contribution to keep the flame of hope alight.


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