RAWA medical team for earthquake victims in Nahrin

From May 4 to 11, 2002 a RAWA medical team was in Nahrin to check up and provide free medicines for earthquake victims in different villages of Nahrin. The team comprised of 2 doctors, 4 nurses and some other RAWA members during one week stay in this remote area, worked 14 hours a day and checked up over 8,000 patients, most of them women and children. Majority of the villagers suffer from different diseases and what provided by RAWA was like a drop in the ocean. RAWA promised people for future medical and other humanitarian help in near future to these ill-fated people who lost almost everything in the recent quake. RAWA team reports that during their stay in Nahrin, they did not see any other aid operation from local or international NGOs while there is a greave need for such aid for thousands of needy people who suffer from hunger, homelessness and diseases.

RAWA photos, May 4-11, 2002

RAWA photo
Earthquake victims in Nahrin and RAWA food distribution
Another RAWA aid package to earthquake victims in Nahrin
Help earthquake victims through AWM
RAWA's aid to earthquake victims in Samangan province

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