RAWA distributes ghee among refugees

Clipping of The Daily Wahdat, the first Pushto daily of Pakistan and largely circulated newspaper in Pushto language from Peshawar by Mr. Pir Safed Shah Hamdard.

The Daily Wahdat (March 28, 2001) writes:
As usual, again the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) distributed 500 tins of ghee in Akora camp; the ghee was distributed among the people who recently immigrated to Pakistan due to drought and fighting between Massoud and Taliban. The representatives of RAWA by their own hands handed over the goods to the suppressed people who miserably left their homes towards Pakistan. According to RAWA, the organization will continue to help the refugees.

Hundreds of women and men rushed to receive aid
RAWA can provide relief goods only to a small part of the refugees.

RAWA activists visit the Akora Khattak camp
Before distribution of the goods, RAWA activists visit the camp and distribute cards to the most needy women --mostly widows-- and then distribute goods among the card holders.

What RAWA can provide for these ill-fated people is like a drop in the ocean

No other NGO or UNHCR have helped them yet.

RAWA distributes flour and ghee in Akora Khattak Camp
RAWA distributes flour bags among refugees
RAWA distributes quilts among refugees
RAWA distributes medicines among refugees (Reflection in the press)
RAWA distributes blankets and food among displaced people in Herat
RAWA distributes medicines among refugees in Akora camp (photos)

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