Malalai Hospital Serves Afghan Refugees in Pakistan
It is painful for us that due to lack of required funds, we had to scale down Malalai Hospital from January 2005 and moved it to a refugee camp. Your support is greatly needed to help us
RAWA founded Malalai Hospital in 1986 in Quetta, Pakistan for the purpose of providing health care to Afghan women and children refugees. It served 400 patients per day and developed a reputation for being one of the best hospitals in the area for Afghans; particularly in helping land mine victims.

Malalai hospital was closed after 10 years due to lack of financial support. But with the help of the Afghan Women's Mission we re-opened a smaller hospital in Nov. 2001 in Rawalpindi but through the kind donations from supporters around the world, RAWA changed it into a larger 25-bed hospital in Jan. 2002. The hospital is equipped with an operation theater, delivery room, dressing room, OPD, IPD, X-Ray, ultra-sound, 2 ambulances, laboratory, ECG etc. With 25 employees, the hospital provides free medical care to around 250 Afghan refugee women and children everyday.

Though the hospital was operating Since Nov.2001 but on May 28, 2002 Mr Steve Penners, officially inaugurated the hospital. The idea of re-opening the hospital was presented by Steve in 1999 who, along with some other RAWA supporters, worked hard to realize this idea.

The credit for Malalai Hospital's service to deserving Afghan refugee women and children goes to all of our supporters around the world, as without their support and donations it would have been impossible to re-open the hospital which our martyred leader Meena herself established.

Eye section was inaugurated in MH Story of the triplet girls born in MH Steve Penners and Dr Leo Lagasse American supporters of RAWA inaugurated the hospital. Kacha Abadi from where most of our patients come
One of many malnourished Afghan children in Malalai Hospital
At the same time RAWA is running Malalai Clinic in Quetta with fewer facilities.

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