RAWA distributes quilts among refugees

On February 22, RAWA distributed more than 1000 quilts among new refugees in Jallozi camp. The quilts were distributed mostly to women while a mob of thousands of people were trying to get quilts.

RAWA activists also interviewed some widows who were describing their horrible stories.

Reflection in the press

An Afghan widow
An Afghan widow cries while she describes her sorrowful stories to a RAWA activist. She lives with her 5 children in the camp and has turned to beggary in order to feed them. One of her sons is disabled. She says that they were forced to immigrate to Pakistan due to heavy fighting in Charikar district of Parwan province in northern Afghanistan. She says that this is the first time that they have received aid since having come to Pakistan a month ago.

They are happy after receiving quilts

RAWA activists distribute the quilts

What RAWA can provide for these ill-fated people is like a drop in the ocean

An aged mother from Kundoz province describes her miseries.

THEY NEED YOUR HELP. Even a $ makes a difference

Getting a quilt for these unfortunate women means saving their children from cold.

There are 90,000 people living in the camp and almost everyone needs help to survive.

Thousands of people rushed in RAWA quilt distribution center to get a quilt.

RAWA distributes flour and ghee in Akora Khattak Camp
RAWA distributes flour bags among refugees
RAWA distributes ghee among refugees in Akora camp
RAWA distributes medicines among refugees (Reflection in the press)
RAWA distributes blankets and food among displaced people in Herat
RAWA distributes medicines among refugees in Akora camp (photos)

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