RAWA statement on the International Women's Day

As long as the fundamentalists are in power,
there will be no end to the oppressions and crimes against Afghan women

The world came into motion in the name of "liberating Afghan woman" and our country was invaded, but the sorrows and deprivations of Afghan women has not just failed to reduce, but actually increased the level of oppression and brutality day by day on this most ruined population of our society.

Violence against women is widespread all over Afghanistan
Women's Rights is Human Rights

The corrupt and mafia government of Mr. Karzai and its international guardians, are playing shamelessly with the intolerable suffering of Afghan women and misuse it as their propaganda tool for deceiving the people of the world. They have placed some women into official posts in the government who are favored by the warlords and then proclaim it as symbol of "women's liberation" in the country. But the presence of a number of women in high posts is not important unless they touch the depth of our people's adversities and sufferings, like the parliamentarian Malalai Joya, and uncompromisingly struggle against the bloody enemies of woman's rights and democracy and consider women's emancipation as an integral part of the liberation of our whole country from the filthy shackles of the fundamentalists and their foreign masters.

The government and Western media trumpet the presence of 68 women in the parliament as a huge achievement for Afghanistan and a sign of democracy and women's rights. But almost all of these women themselves are the most horrible enemies of woman's rights and democracy and are acting as little crank dolls in the hand of the warlords. In this odious reactionary parliament, with the exception of the glorious and suffocated voice of Joya, no voice from the remaining 68 has been raised against the Khalqi, Parchami, Jehadi or Talibi vultures. A number of these women members of parliament like Safora Niazi, Noorzia Atmar, Parveen Durani, Shakeela Hashmi, Malalai Isaqzai etc. are so shameless that they clearly overtook blood suckers like Sayyaf, Rabbani, Alam Seya, Farooqi and others in physically attacking Malalai Joya inside the parliament.

In reality the heart-rendering pain and cry of Saimas, Rahimas, Gul Shahs, Sanoobers, Gul Bibis, Aminas and hundreds of awful stories of suicide and self-immolations as a result of injustice and disappointment in every corner of the county, is an stigma on the face of the institutions and all of those who, out of their political interests, try to paint a brilliant picture of the women's rights situation in Afghanistan. One shouldn't expect drastic changes in the terrible situation of the women, in a land where the drug-lords and champions of destruction, corruption, crime and a handful of treacherous intellectuals are in power.

The main cause of the catastrophe in our country is the fact that traitors like Rabbani, Sayyaf, Qanoni, Muhaqiq, Dostum, Khalili, Ismail, Fahim and the like are in power, who have a dark history full of tyranny and barbarism. These men have their regional and international protectors wrapped around their fingers and have a number of dishonorable intellectuals in their pockets. Recently these religious fascists passed a bill called "National Conciliation" in the parliament and senate house, in order to escape justice and enjoy immunity before any court, for the killing of hundreds of thousands of defenseless people of our country.

Once again these betrayers of our motherland, by organizing a march in Kabul, tried to show their power and intimidate our mournful people into conciliation. But they must think we are blind to assume they will not be prosecuted. If their march was to show their power to Mr. Karzai, they must know that for a long time Karzai has accepted the historical and disgraceful collaboration by conspiring with the murderers of his father and hundreds of thousands compatriot fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.

Fahim and his partners warned that the next time the Jehadi leaders are accused for war crimes, they will react with seriousness. If Karzai was not involved in their guilt and crimes, he would have responded to such shameful threats and taken back the title of Marshal from the criminal named Fahim. This act would have at least removed one of the shames from Karzai's record and not allow the presence of unreasonable traitors as his ministers. These felon robbers, by their cheap threats, prove themselves to be untamed blood-suckers and war-mongers who still have the lust and facilities of endless crimes against our people – they are capable of repeating the treacherous years of 1992 to 1996.

It is not important whether Mr. Karzai puts a stamp of endorsement on this deceitful immunity bill or not. His anti-patriotic dealings with, and installation of, the most hateful enemies of people in the legislative, executive and judicial bodies, has shown him to have dipped his head into the black pot of Jehadi, Parchami, Khalqi and Talibi assassins. But they must know that one day our people will bind the hands of all these criminals and take them to justice without fail, and on that day Mr. Karzai must also be questioned as their guilty partner.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), empowered by the blood of its martyred leader and the pain and misery of its nation, is vowing in front of the oppressed but freedom-loving women and men, to continue its uncompromising struggle against murderers, fundamentalists, their lackey intellectuals and their foreign masters, without any compromise or diplomacy. And on behalf of our currently silenced majority, we will continue the claim against these oppressors. By relying on our people and the justice-loving people of the world, we will push them into a court of justice like we did to their religious brother Zardad.

The US government and its allies have committed an unforgivable betrayal to our people by mounting the Jehadi mafias in the power. They have left no doubt for our people and the world that they are after their own global and regional interests and that they have no use for stability, freedom and democracy in Afghanistan.

The women and men of Afghanistan should know that freedom and democracy are those values, which are not possible to be donated to us via the power of B52 bombers and by a foreign country and spies from Iran, Pakistan, the USA and Russia. Achieving these values is only possible through their conscious, stable, and constant courage and combat.

In addition to sending its warmest greetings to all of our supporters and friends around the world on this International Women's Day, RAWA is asking all of them and all people supporting justice, freedom and human rights, to help us prosecute these war criminals of last thirty years.

Down with fundamentalists and all of the religious and non-religious criminals and their foreign protectors!
Long live the struggle of women and men of Afghanistan for independence, democracy and social justice!

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

8th March 2007 - Kabul

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