RAWA Celebrates the International Women’s Day
March 9, 2007 - Kabul

On March 9, 2007, the International Women's Day, which was also 20th martyrdom anniversary of Meena and 30th year of RAWA's inception, was marked through a large function in Kabul-e-Zeba Hotel in Kabul.


A theatric play was presented in which the criminal fundamentalists were portrayed on how hatd they try to pass amnesty bill so they could enjoy immunity before any court for their war crimes.

Around 2000 women and men participated

Around 2,000 women and men participated in an event organized by RAWA. The participants included a delegation of Italian and Catalan supporters of RAWA.

Teacher Roquia, elected member of the Kabul Provincial Assembly

Teacher Roquia, elected member of Kabul Provincial Assembly delivered speech which was applauded by the participants.
Italian supporter

Mr. Vittorio Agnoletto, Italian member of the European Parliament presented his message to RAWA and Afghan women.

Aryan Musical Group presented some songs.

A petition from father of Ahmad Batebi, was read out and the participants were asked to register their protest.
Ahmad Batebi is an Iranian student who has been imprisoned since the Iranian Student Protests in July 1999 in Tehran, and for holding up a bloodied shirt belonging to a fellow student, he was detained by Iranian fascist regime and sentenced to death. He is still in prison although severely ill due to inhuman torture.

A RAWA supporter from Catalonia

A Catalan supporter of RAWA reads message of RAWA supporters in Barcelona.
Laura Quagliuolo, Italian supporter of RAWA

Laura Quagliuolo, reads message of Italian supporters of RAWA.

Due to lack of space, many people could not join the function.

patriotic song

A group of children presented a song called “I am a woman”, based on a poem by a great martyred freedom-loving Iranian woman Marzai Ahmadi Askoyee. A large portrait of Marzai was displayed and her short biography was read out.

Event in Hewad High School of RAWA
IWD event in a RAWA High School in Pakistan

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