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News from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)






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  • August 31, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Afghan minister accused of abuses to become new intelligence chief
    McClatchy Newspapers: An Afghan Cabinet minister dogged by torture allegations is slated to become the new chief of Afghanistan’s notorious intelligence service, the National Directorate of Security. The appointment of Asadullah Khalid, the minister of border and tribal affairs, will be announced within days by Afghan President Hamid Karzai, said a man who knows Khalid. †††††Full news...

  • August 31, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Two Afghan children beheaded in separate incidents
    Reuters: An adolescent boy and a young girl have been beheaded in two separate incidents in Afghanistan, local officials and police said on Friday, in the latest brazen attacks that have raised fresh questions about a splintering Taliban. A 12-year-old boy was kidnapped and killed in southern Kandahar province on Wednesday, his severed head placed near his body to send a warning to police... †††††Full news...

  • August 30, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Girl found hanging dead in Jawzjan
    PAN: A young girl was found hanging dead from the ceiling of her room in Shiberghan city, the capital of northern Jawzjan province, on Thursday, officials said. The 11th grade schoolgirl was found dead in her house in the first police district, police chief Brig. Gen. Abdul Aziz Ghairat told Pajhwok Afghan New. †††††Full news...

  • August 28, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    US in Afghanistan: who’s the “savage”?
    Voice of Russia: Another case of US Forces desecrating remains ends with a slap on the wrist for some of the perpetrators while others received no disciplinary action and on the same day the burning of Korans was also brushed off with those guilty also escaping serious punishment. Against the backdrop of increased Afghan on NATO violence and the beheading of 17 partygoers by Islamists... †††††Full news...

  • August 28, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Murder and Rape Rampant in Afghanistan
    OpEdNews: Last evening I was watching an episode of Bill Maher on HBO and he put up a copy of the New York Times that showed the 2,000 pictures of Americans killed in Afghanistan since the war began. Having been to Afghanistan I thought how ludicrous it was. Maybe what they should have shown were the more than 36,000 pictures of the unarmed men, women and children who were killed or raped by American forces in Afghanistan. †††††Full news...

  • August 26, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Girl, two boys killed for alleged adultery
    PAN: A man killed his sister and two young men for allegedly committing adultery in the southern province of Ghazni, officials said on Sunday. The “honour killing” took place in Pailoch area of Deh Yak district when the brother shot dead his sister along with two men for having “illicit relations,” the town’s administrative head Fazal Ahmad Tolwak told Pajhwok Afghan News. †††††Full news...

  • August 23, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Cross-border attacks displace 1,400 Kunar families
    PAN: Local officials on Thursday alleged that 136 rockets fired from across the border in Pakistan had landed in the Dangam district of eastern Kunar province over the past two days. A hundred rockets were fired by the Pakistani forces on Wednesday and another 36 early on Thursday, the governor’s spokesman, Wasifullah Wasifi, told Pajhwok Afghan News. †††††Full news...

  • August 20, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Counterinsurgency or Civilian Slaughter in Afghanistan?
    The Nation: What happened in Kunar Province in Afghanistan on Saturday, August 18? One thing we know: dozens of dead bodies, following an airstrike by the US/NATO command on what the American military says was a gathering of Taliban officials. But, typical of the eleven-year-old war, even scores of deaths in a remote location barely register on the Richter scale of casualties... †††††Full news...

  • August 18, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Comment: The media is failing in its coverage of Afghanistan
    Left Foot Forward: The death of another two British soldiers last week in Helmand was followed by the usual 30-second Colonel’s voxpop on the 10 o’clock news and accompanied by the standard release of heartfelt messages of condolence from their surviving comrades on the MoD website. Other than the quick delivery of facts, there has been very little analysis of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan by the British media. †††††Full news...

  • August 15, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    In Afghanistan, Scandal Erupts Over Changing Street Name To Honor Iranians
    RFE/RL: Provincial officials in northern Afghanistan have asked the central government in Kabul to decide whether a street in Mazar-e Sharif should be named after a group of Iranian diplomats killed there in 1998. The move, announced in a statement by the Administrative Council of Balkh Province, comes after a scandal erupted over reports that the street with Iran’s former... †††††Full news...

  • August 15, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Is the Taliban wearing out its welcome in Afghanistan?
    The Christian Science Monitor: After US Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales allegedly walked off a US base in Kandahar last March and went house to house, killing a total of 17 Afghan civilians, many worried that the Taliban would capitalize on the incident and the long restive province would revert to violence. Yet more than five months later, violence in Kandahar remains at record lows. †††††Full news...

  • August 14, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Afghan bombings kills 50 civilians in a day
    The Washington Post: Three suicide bombers killed at least 30 civilians in a coordinated attack Tuesday in a city in southwestern Afghanistan, according to Afghan officials. Later, at least 10 civilians were killed in a bombing in a bazaar in the north. The attacks began early Tuesday afternoon when 10 insurgents entered Zaranj, the capital of southwestern Nimruz province... †††††Full news...

  • August 13, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Afghanistan Stands as a World Leader in Opium
    Prensa Latina: A little more than 10 years after the invasion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Afghanistan is still the main generator of opium with calculations estimated just over 90 percent of world production. This element, translated into the inner realities of the invaded country, implies a figure close to 500 million USD in the gross domestic product (GDP) a year and that obviously Hamid Karzai’s regime does not take into account. †††††Full news...

  • August 13, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Taliban jihad literature: What’s read in Afghanistan is printed in Pakistan
    The Express Tribune: Outside Peshawar’s mosques, after Friday prayers, magazines with articles and pictures of attacks by the Afghan Taliban and violence carried out by Nato forces are distributed, most of the time for free. The magazines are usually accompanied by guidance on Shariah law. These magazines are available in a number of languages including Urdu, English, Farsi and Dari, reaching out to a wide-ranging audience. †††††Full news...

  • August 12, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Defence feared links with Afghan warlord would erode support for forces
    National Times: Senior Defence Department officials feared the WikiLeaks exposť of secret US military reports would undermine public support for the Australian Defence Force in Afghanistan, according to newly released briefing papers. Reports about a corrupt Afghan warlord who works closely with Australian special forces were considered particularly sensitive. †††††Full news...

  • August 11, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Deadly air strike colonel to be promoted
    The Local: The German officer who ordered an air strike that killed more than 100 Afghan civilians and cost the jobs of the defence minister, the head of the army and a senior state secretary, is to be promoted to general next year. Colonel Georg Klein, 51, has been offered a job as division director in the new federal office for personnel management, a position that includes an automatic promotion to general. †††††Full news...

  • August 11, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Uruzgan governor’s guards beat reporter
    PAN: A local reporter on Saturday complained that he was beaten by security guards of the governor of central Uruzgan province. Najibullah Latif, who works for Yawali and Paiwastoon radio stations, said he was thrashed at 7:30 am when his car struck a vehicle of the guards. †††††Full news...

  • August 10, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Thousands rally against Laghman governor
    PAN: Thousands of residents on Friday took to the streets against the governor of eastern Laghman province, demanding his immediate removal. The protest rally was taken out from the main mosque in Mehtarlam, the provincial capital, after Friday prayers at about 2pm and lasted about an hour. †††††Full news...

  • August 9, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Afghan Journalists Alarmed by Media Decree
    IWPR: A decree by Afghan president Hamid Karzai ordering government to improve the quality of the country’s media has created fears that the government will try to censor the press and broadcasters. Karzai gave the information and culture ministry two months to come up with an action plan to impose “minimum quality standards” on both state-run and private media outlets. †††††Full news...

  • August 7, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    NATO troops kill 4 Afghan civilians in Nimroz province
    Khaama Press: According to local authorities in western Nimroz province of Afghanistan, a number of Afghan civilians were killed following night time military operation by coalition security forces in this province. Khashrod district chief Haji Mohammad Hashim said, at least four Afghan civilians were killed and two Afghan kids were injured during a military operation by coalition forces last night. †††††Full news...

  • August 7, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    AFGHANISTAN: Kunar attacks undermine civilian livelihoods
    IRIN: One recent early morning, Bibi Hajira was milking the cows when a blast knocked her unconscious. “When I woke up I was in the hospital with head injuries. My left arm and right leg had both been hit. I don’t remember anything else but that blast.” When Hajira returned home, she found her cow dead, and her goats and sheep injured. “I still get very scared every time I hear the sound of a rocket. It has a nasty sound.” †††††Full news...

  • August 7, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Bus blast at Afghan picnic spot kills nine
    The Guardian: A remote-controlled bomb has ripped apart a bus in a popular picnic spot just a few miles north-west of Kabul, killing nine civilians and injuring five others, in a worrying sign of violence encroaching upon the Afghan capital. Paghman district is secure enough that a mob of furious villagers chased down and attacked a man they spotted detonating the explosives... †††††Full news...

  • August 6, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Rising kidnap cases spark strike in Herat City
    PAN: Workers of industrial companies, moneychangers, doctors, jewellers and traders went on strike in protest against rising kidnappings in western Herat province. Moneychangers, auto spare businessmen and jewelers closed their shops in the provincial capital, where business centres wore a deserted look. †††††Full news...

  • August 6, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Soviet era mine kills 3 Kapisa kids
    PAN: Three children were killed when an explosive device they were playing with went off in the Alasai district of central Kapisa province on Monday, officials said. The incident took place in Laka Khel area, the governor’s spokesman Qais Qadiri told Pajhwok Afghan News. The schoolchildren, belonging to different families, were grassing their sheep on a mountainous meadow when they found the device. †††††Full news...

  • August 3, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Karzai, mayor of Kabul
    NBC News: Afghanistan seems as fragile as ever. There is a sense that with the U.S.-led NATO draw-down expected in 2014 the country could slip back into some of its darkest most socially-restrictive and violent days. Most Afghans you speak to in Kabul or outside of the capital fear that their country will once again be overrun by the Taliban or be engulfed by a civil war. †††††Full news...

  • August 2, 2012 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Why Is Iran Building Ties With The Taliban?
    International Business Times: Iran has increased its support for the Taliban insurgency in neighboring Afghanistan by opening an office for the militant group in the eastern part of Iran. Moreover, the Quds Force of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps is reportedly considering sending surface-to-air missiles to Afghanistan. †††††Full news...

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