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Khaama Press, August 16, 2012

8 years old Afghan girl raped by two men in Faryab province

By Sajad

Local government officials in northern Faryab province of Afghanistan said a young Afghan girl was raped by two men in this province.

The officials furhter added the eight years old Afghan girl was raped in Qaisar district at Ghori Raheen village three days back.

Faryab province in Afghanistan
Faryab province. (Photo:

Qaisar district chief confirming the report said, Lailoma the eight years old girl was raped by two men, recognized as Abdul Rauf and Faizullah while she was working along with his brother on thier agricultural fields.

He said the girl was released by the two men after hours and her family filed a complaint with the police and provincial human rights department.

He said Afghan police forces arrived in the area to arrest the two convicts however local villagers resisted and fought with the Afghan police.

In the meantime an official in the human rights department speaking on the condition of anonymity said, the family of the young Afghan girl Lailoma prevented the issue to be broadcasted in the media and said the main motive behind the rape was tribal issues.

Qaisar district chief also confirmed that Lailoma was raped due to tribal conflict issues.

He said the family of the victim filed a complaint against the two men with the Taliban group which led to the arrest of the two convicts.

The family of the two men have urged Taliban group not execute them, Qaisdar district chief said adding that there was no news regarding the fate of the two convicts so far.

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