Khaama Press, August 7, 2012

NATO troops kill 4 Afghan civilians in Nimroz province

By Sajad

Victims of airstrike
(Photo: PAN)

According to local authorities in western Nimroz province of Afghanistan, a number of Afghan civilians were killed following night time military operation by coalition security forces in this province.

Khashrod district chief Haji Mohammad Hashim said, at least four Afghan civilians were killed and two Afghan kids were injured during a military operation by coalition forces last night.

Nimroz province located on the bordering regions between Pakistan and Iran is considered to be a relatively volatile region in western Afghanistan where Taliban militants are actively operating in a number of its districts.

District chief for Khashrod Haji Mohammad Hashim said the night time military operation was conducted at Teshat village.

Mr. Hashim further added the deceased Afghan civilians include two brothers and an Afghan couple who belongs to two separate families.

He also said the two Afghan kids who were injured are being treated in a coalition forces military hospital.

International Security Assistance Force yet to comment regarding the report.

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