PAN, August 23, 2012

Cross-border attacks displace 1,400 Kunar families

By Khan Wali Salarzai

Local officials on Thursday alleged that 136 rockets fired from across the border in Pakistan had landed in the Dangam district of eastern Kunar province over the past two days.

A hundred rockets were fired by the Pakistani forces on Wednesday and another 36 early on Thursday, the governor's spokesman, Wasifullah Wasifi, told Pajhwok Afghan News.

He said residents suffered no life loss, but their houses were damaged and some household animals perished in the latest shelling.

About 4,000 missiles and rockets have so far been fired into Dangam and other nearby districts on the Pakistani border since the beginning of Afghan solar year. Ten civilians have been killed and 29 others injured, Wasifi said.

The assaults had displaced about 1,400 families into Asadabad, the provincial capital and Asmar district.

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