Some of RAWA publications
Afghanistan: Some Documents of the Bloody and Traitorous Jehadi Years
Payam-e-Zan in Persian/Pushto and Urdu
اسنادی از سالهای خون و خیانت جهادی

122-page magazine "The Burst of the 'Islamic Government' Bubble in Afghanistan"
Freedom: A CD of Patriotic Songs

24-page informative full-color booklet
Poster "Afghan Women Can't Be Enslaved..."
RAWA in the World Media
72-page bulletin "Afghan Women Challenge the Fundamentalists"
34.5"x19" Poster "Oppression and Resistance in Afghanistan"
17.5"x23" size color poster "In Afghanistan"
A 12.5x8.5cm RAWA sticker "Remember your sisters in Afghanistan!"
A 12.5x8.5cm RAWA sticker "Say NO to fundamentalism!"
22"x32" size color poster on human rights disaster in Afghanistan
Special Bulletin of RAWA Function on International Women's Day
Special Bulletin of RAWA Demonstration
Populer poster of our martyred founding leader Meena
Greeting card
Some other greeting cards issued by RAWA

Audio cassettes of patriotic songs
Amnesty International reports on Afghanistan
RAWA T-shirts, Wall Calendar, Cards, Mugs etc. in different sizes and designs

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