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Quqnoos, January 5, 2009

651 schools close in southern Afghanistan

This year 173000 students could not go to schools, says Ministry of Education

The number of teachers and students killed in the past 10 months has nearly doubled the total casualties of last year, authorities in the ministry of education said.

This year 651 schools were closed in southern provinces; 141 teachers and students were killed since beginning of the year; and 173000 students dropped off schools, spokesman for ministry of education said.

There has been a significant decline recently in the number of pupils, especially girls, attending school in the central province of Ghazni. The provincial council says 15,000 pupils have stopped going to school so far this year. Fifty schools have closed because of the security situation.
BBC News, Dec. 12, 2008

The spokesman added, ministry of education is facing lots of problems such as, terrorist actions, school burnings, threatening students and teachers, teachers salary to name a few.

According to spokesman, more then six million and 200 thousand students are going to schools country wide.

The ministry plans for next year is to open schools in southern Afghanistan with the help of local councils and tribal elders.

The ministry of education has also decided to build hostels for students of unsafe areas, so they can come to secure places and continue their education.

Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AHIRC) estimated figure reveals, last year 82percent girls and 63 percent boys could study up to sixth grade due to insecurity in their provinces.

According to AHIRC, only five percent girls and eleven percent boys could pursue their education all the way to twelfth grade.

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