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PAN (Translated by RAWA), September 25, 2008

Attorney of Kunduz: some authorities in Sher Khan Port involved in drug-trafficking with mafia

"some police patrols at the border; authorities in Sher Khan Bandar and National Security are involved with mafia"

Hafizullah Khaliqyar, the head of the attorney of Kunduz
Hafizullah Khaliqyar, the head of the attorney of Kunduz

Head of the attorney of Kunduz claims that drug-trafficking is taking place in Sher Khan Bandar (Port) but it’s not being stopped, but the authorities of Sher Khan Bandar deny the claims.

Hafizullah Khaliqyar, the head of the attorney of Kunduz told PAN in an interview that alcoholic drinks are imported into Afghanistan from Tajikistan and drugs (heroin and opium) are smuggled by Afghanistan into Tajikistan.

According to Khaliqyar, several cases of alcoholics coming from Tajikistan (joined with Sher Khan Bandar) and drugs being smuggled into Tajikistan have been discovered by the Attorney, police and the National Security; several men have also been arrested regarding the matters and have been handed over to the court.

Khaliqyar pronounced the cause of the continuation of smuggling as the involvement of mafia groups. He claimed that some police patrols at the border; authorities in Sher Khan Bandar and National Security are involved with mafia but didn’t name anyone in particular.

In addition, the evening before the head of the attorney of Kunduz said in a function for the implementation of law, organized by UNAMA (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan) with the financial help of the NGO (GTZ) in Kunduz, “The law is being implemented on the poor people with no support but not on the powerful.”

He added that this year the attorney had arrested the head of agriculture for stealing 40 tons of wheat; and the head of work and social affairs for embezzling 13 million Afghanis, but the court declared them innocent. Khaliqyar also said that head of provision of electricity of Kunduz had been called for investigation for having hand in stealing but having power he didn’t appear for investigation in the attorney.

Corruption in Afghanistan is endemic, it hurts the poorest people disproportionately, pushes people away from the state and undermines our joint efforts to build peace, stability and progress for Afghanistan's peoples.
ReliefWeb , August 20, 2008

But the people concerned reject the claims of the head of the attorney.

Abdul Fatah Fayez, deputy of Sher Khan Bandar told PAN that these claims are baseless and there is no embezzlement in Bandar.

Fayez said that the income of Bandar is increasing day by day and this shows that the affairs of Bandar that things are going right and exactly according to the law.

Also, Brigadier Abdul Salam, the person in charge of the Border Police Commissionaire of Sher Khan Bander said that they don’t permit anyone in this port to smuggle drugs.

According to him, only foreigners are allowed to have a liter of an alcoholic drink with them.

Corruption in Afghanistan is hobbling efforts to combat the booming opium trade with powerful drug lords evading justice by simply making a telephone call to friends in high places, a United Nations official said.
Reuters, July 28, 2008

He said that whatever is imported into and exported from Bandar is checked properly before being allowed inside or abroad.

Amrullah Abdali the head of the Appellate Court of Kunduz province, rejected Khaliqyar’s claims of the freedom of criminals saying, “A judge has the right to free a person who is not a criminal and no one can pressurize him as judiciary is independent.”

Abdali swore that whoever will be a criminal will be punished by the court.

Sher Khan Bandar which is connected to the River Amoo is one of the most famous ports in the Northern part of Afghanistan. Last year a huge bridge was built over the river with the help of America and every day hundreds of trading cars import and export thing to the two countries (Afghanistan and Tajikistan).

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