Photo Album of RAWA International Tours

In the past couple of years RAWA representatives have been on speaking tours in many countries around the world where they have participated in numerous events and gatherings to raise awareness on the horrible plight of Afghan women and funds for its projects. While the world's media mostly present a white-washed picture of the situation of Afghanistan and her women, the participation of RAWA activists on such tours is essential to inform people around the world of the depth of the tragedy in our devastated Afghanistan.

We would like to thank our wonderful supporters in these countries who have worked hard to organize the tours and events for RAWA members. We are deeply impressed by their dedication and support.

We present a selection of photos taken from the hundreds of photos gathered during these speaking trips. We apologize that some faces have been blurred for security reasons.

Zoya addresses anti-war demo in Boston, Oct.17, 2009 2008 World conference against Atomic and Hydrogen bombs - Hiroshima Peace Conference - Germany Jakarta, Nov.17, 2006 With Hollywood celebrities in Los Angeles RAWA in anti-war demo in Barcelona, Mar.2008
Jawaharlal Nehru University - New Delhi Republic of Korea India Belgium Photos of tour to Australia, Aug.2007 Italy
Australia New Zealand Barcelona, Mar.2008 India Morocco USA
Italy Canberra Italy Turkey Berlin With Eve Ensler and Arundhati Roy in Istanbul
Tokyo Brazil Australia South Africa Belgium USA
Japan Spain With Nawal El Saadawi  in India Barcelona Switzerland Nena Hagen in concert for RAWA in Berlin
Melbourne Australia Melbourne Australia Australia London
Japan Japan Germany Australia Australia London
France France Florence UK London France
Paris France Netherlands Vitoria - Basque country Vitoria - Basque country Barcelona
Barcelona Madrid Madrid Madrid Vienna Japan
Milan Italy  Basque Melbourne Tokyo Tokyo
Germany Brazil Italy Spain Italy Italy
Italy Athens Japan Spain Melbourne Switzerland
Basque Spain Indonesia Athens London Washington DC
Thailand Japan Spain Colombo - Sri Lanka Ottawa Germany
Colombo Chicago Italy Brazil Spain Brussels
Spain California USA Italy Basque Giving award to Luciano Pavarotti in Vienna
Australia Japan Tour Spain Japan Australia
Japan Australia Australia Japan Melbourne Hollywood - USA, Oct.5, 2006
Australia Australia Italy Washington DC Australia Japan
With Mary Robinson in New York  Brussels Tokyo, Dec16,2006