RAWA member and supporters in anti-war demo in Barcelona
Banner read: Down with fundamentalists and invaders
Barcelona - Catalonia
RAWA representative addresses the gathering
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March 15, 2008 Barcelona: RAWA supporters wearing burqa, carry the banner "Down with fundamentalists and invaders" in the large anti-war rally. A RAWA representative addressed the demonstration.

Parts of her speech:

"The war on terror" is in fact a war against Afghan people. The US and NATO troops have committed many war crimes against defenseless people. Thousands of innocent were killed while the destroyers and murderers were even further empowered. They dragged Afghanistan to the most corrupted and unsafe land which is a prison for its women. They systematically changed Afghanistan to the center of world drugs mafia and in the past few years the cultivation and trafficking of drugs is sky-high with 93% of world opium being produced in Afghanistan.