News from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
News from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)






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Recently World Food Program announced that only two percent of population in Afghanistan have enough to eat. WFP warned that Afghanistan is on verge of humanitarian catastrophe and will be "hell on earth" as millions are at risk of starvation.

Despite the fact that people all over our country are in a difficult economic situation and need help, RAWA, with its limited facilities and the support of its friends, tries to provide food to the most deprived families. The aid was distributed by RAWA members and local supporters, after conducting a survey in different areas in Kabul and some other provinces.

Photo shot of beneficiaries was optional. Here are photos of some families who had no objection to be photographed. All the faces are intentionally censored.

Photos: 59
December 17,2021: While millions of Afghan girls are deprived of education across Afghanistan, RAWA launch home-based educational classes for young Afghan girls in some parts of Afghanistan. Since August 2021 when misogynist Taliban were installed in Kabul by the US/NATO, their first move was to restrict women from education, free movement and employment. Afghanistan is facing unprecedented catastrophe in every sector of life, Afghan women and young girls are the prime victims of the barbaric and medieval regime of the Taliban. Having four decades of experience, RAWA strives to keep the beacon of education and hope alive among Afghan girls. Home-bases classes are instrument in this direction so we work hard to expand this program.

Photos: 12
Nov.30,2021: A team of RAWA surveyed displaced people in Herat Terminal Street. Around 5000 people from Ghor and Badghis provinces have refuged here due to poverty, unemployment, insecurity and drought. In the cold weather, the condition of children is disastrous. They beg in the streets and have no facilities for sanitation, let alone education and playing. Very little aid has been provided to them by some Afghan businessmen but Taliban gunmen get a portion of aid saying they also face food shortage.

Photos: 12
Nov.29,2021: RAWA team surveyed a camp of displaced people in Nahre-Shahi district of Balkh province in Northern Afghanistan. Lack of security, poverty, unemployment and pressure of Taliban forced hundreds of thousands people across Afghanistan to leave their villages and gather in suburbs of big cities under deplorable conditions. While most non-governmental and international aid organization have stopped their operations in Afghanistan, starvation threatens the life of millions in the coming winter. Children and women are in higher risk.

Photos: 16
The Afghan Freedom-loving Youth Group started a movement of slogan-writing and poster campaign in three different cities of Afghanistan a few days before the dark days of 28th and 27th. A group of youngsters, they claim to be "inspired by the Arab Spring, we want to bring the good news of the Afghanistan Spring to the gloomy atmosphere of our beloved homeland". They have claimed to continue their protests fearlessly and will succeed in freeing Afghanistan from invaders and warlords one day. The youth of Afghanistan cannot be kept in the dark despite the efforts of the US and its stooges, they will rise against the criminal warlords with the backing of our people and annihilate their Mafia-puppet regime! (Photos:

Photos: 28
February 12, 2012: This camp in the outskirts of Kabul is home to hundreds of IDPs who have escaped the brutal war of Taliban and foreign forces in Helmand. With the onset of winter, difficulties have doubled for them as they fight to fill their stomachs and live through the cold. They have fled to Kabul but hardly suffer any less in poverty and cold, as they did under the fire and bombs of foreign forces and IED attacks of the Taliban.

Photos: 20
January 15, 2012: These photos were taken in the streets of Kabul after some episodes of snowfall. Today after ten years of the occupation of Afghanistan by US and allies and despite the influx of more than 60 billion USD in aid to Afghanistan, people can barely afford surviving the cruel winters, ending up either hungry or cold, thanks to a ultra corrupt Mafia government headed by fundamentalist criminals.

Photos: 20
November 2011: These photos are taken in different villages of Badakhshan province but reflect the terrible conditions of school in almost all parts of Afghanistan. The Western media boasts of the establishment of schools and education for the people of Afghanistan, but ignore the bitter reality of its bad conditions despite billions of dollars of aid, as well as the security condition and poverty that hampers the education process for students.

Photos: 20
RAWA distributed emergency aid items to the people of Shar Shar village, Chah Aab district, Takhar province on Dec. 12, 2011. The people had no harvest this year due to the drought and most of their animals also died. The small village is one of the most isolated villages of Takhar, a typical example of a poor neglected village, where people struggle everyday for survival.

Photos: 20
A so-called secret "kill team" of a group of US soldiers killed innocent Afghan civilians brutally, mutilated their dead bodies, took photos with them, circulated the photos among other soldiers and then covered the matter. Some went as far as to collecting the fingers of corpses as "trophy" of their kill. The Pentagon claimed the team was a "secret", "rogue unit" and operated independently, but a recent investigation by the Rolling Stone shows that such actions were no secret and done and then discussed openly and freely. Due to lack of accountability and negligence by senior Army officials the "kill team" killed and attempted to kill numerous times.
(Note: The gallery contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised. Some photos have not been given for being extremely graphic. For the complete gallery click here:

Photos: 14
In the last six months alone, over 250 women have committed suicide in the country (IRIN News, August 21, 2007). Based on the figures given by the Ibn-e Sina Emergency Hospital in Kabul more than 600 incidents of suicide attempts have been referred to this hospital during the past 12 months (Quqnoos, March 26, 2009). Through early October, 75 women arrived with burns, most self-inflicted (in the Herat burn hospital), others only made to look that way. That is up nearly 30 percent from last year (The New York Times, November 8, 2010).

Photos: 40
December 2, 2010: People in Kabul, fed up with the dirty Karzai government and the criminals in it, showed their hatred by writing slogans on walls all over Kabul. This wave of resistance co-incided with the fraud-ridden Parliamentary elections that took place in October 2010 in which many criminals, druglords and mafia took part. Instead of being persecuted in international courts many of these lackeys of foreign countries are enjoying power in the Parliament.

Photos: 27
Afghan parliamentary election is due in September, the list of candidates includes hundreds of warlords and those accused of war crimes and brutalities against Afghan people. Many of them still have their armed groups and are engaged in looting and killing. Although Afghan election law stops such people from running for parliament, but despite many complaints registered by people against them, no warlord or criminal was stopped by election commission. Now Afghans express their anger by tearing or throwing red color on the election posters of known criminals. Here we have collected photos of a number of such posters.

Photos: 22
On Dec.27, 2009, at around 2:30 of mid night, US Special Forces raided Ghazi Khan Ghondi village of Narang District in Kunar province of Afghanistan. They enter the civilian houses and kill ten civilians, among them eight were school boys, one a poor farmer and a 12-year-old rancher. They all have been shot in the head.

Although the US occupation forces denied any involvement, but Kai Eide, special UN representative announced in a press conference that the "international forces" were engaged in the incident and "a preliminary United Nations investigation has found that eight students were among 10 Afghan civilians killed in Kunar province."

Also the photos taken by Special Forces from the dead bodies on the crime scene are included in this gallery which are obtained by RAWA through its supporters in Afghanistan.

Photos: 12
Tens of thousands of people from Helmand, Zabul and Uruzgan provinces have been displaced from their villages as a result of the US/NATO bombardments and Taliban insurgency. Over 700 families are living in a IDPs camp in Charahi Qambar area of Kabul. The livings conditions of people in this camp are deplorable and they say neither government nor any NGO provide help to them so their children are starving. A RAWA team visited the camp to survey for aid distribution and found the conditions horrible.

Photos: 12
Over 147 innocent civilians, many of them women and children, were massacred when US war planes bombed villages of Gerani and Gangabad in Bala Baluk district of Farah Province on May 4, 2009.

This is one out of many war crime cases committed by the US troops in Afghanistan over the past few years. The number of innocent civilians killed since Obama took office in Jan.21, reaches to 300 and his so-called "new" strategy for Afghanistan and surge in number of troops has resulted in more such terrible tragedies.

Photos: 16
The Emperor Babur described Paghman as 'one of the most desirable places in Kabul' in the 16th century. During King Amanullah (1919-1929), it was made summer capital and many beautiful public buildings and palaces were built under his auspices, with the assistance of European gardeners, architects and sculptors. Paghman was a favorite place for many people and it was a picnic venue for Afghans and tourists.

But in the past decades of war, like other riches of Afghanistan, Paghman also lost its beauty and was changed into the stronghold of a fundamentalist criminal warlord Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf. From 1992-96, in the inter-fundamentalists fighting many of the buildings in Paghman were destroyed. People of Paghman are still deeply suffering under the inhuman rule of Sayyaf and his brutal gunmen.

Here we present a collection of photos taken in the past and compare it with the photos taken in 2004 by RAWA.

Photos: 24
Dark days of Kabul under the Jehadi dog-eat-dog when over 75,000 people were killed and the city was changed into ashes.

Photos: 34
Afghan children in Kabul living in disastrous conditions

Photos: 16
This is an incomplete list of some Afghan so-called politicians. Each one of them has been involved, to a different degree, in corruption, brutalities, spying for foreign powers, war crimes, treason, demagogy.... They are the trouble-makers of Afghanistan today.

This list can hold many more names in it and we will try to complete it in future.

Photos: 80

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