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BBC (Translated by RAWA), September 30, 2020

Pregnant Afghan Woman Shot Dead in Faryab

Women has been shot by “masked gunmen”

Local officials of Faryab province in the north of Afghanistan, has confirmed that a pregnant women in Pashtun Kot district which is a “Taliban- controlled area”, was first taken out of car and then shot dead by unidentified gunmen in front of her two kids. Karim Yurash, the spokesperson of the Faryab provincial police command, told BBC that the woman was about 30 years old.

he motive behind the murder is still unknown and Faryab police has announced the start of investigation.Zabihullah Jawad, head of Human Rights Commission in Faryab province also confirmed to BBC that the woman had been shot.As Mr. Jawad explained, the woman is resident of Balkh province and had come to Maimana a few days ago to visit her relatives. He also confirmed that women has been shot by “masked gunmen”.Mr. Jawad added that investigation by the Afghanistan Human Rights commission showed that she was pregnant. He also said that Jamila’s husband is a soldier of Afghan National Army and this may be one of the reasons for her murder.No individual or group has yet accepted the responsibility for shooting this woman. But shooting women and the relatives of security forces is not unprecedented.

Officials in Badakhshan provinces had previously said that Taliban had attacked two women with this indictment that their husbands are police officers. They killed one of the women and wounded the other.

Officials of the Afghanistan Human Rights Commission in Faryab are deeply concerned of the increasing number of murders of women in this province. Zabihullah Jawad, head of the office said, in past eight months, 28 murders of women has registered in the office of Human Rights Commission and most of them has been shot. He expressed concern that the perpetrators of these murders have not been arrested.

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