News from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
News from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)






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  • January 27, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Dubious distinction: Afghanistan 3rd most corrupt country
    PAN: In the Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index for 2015, Afghanistan has been listed the third most corrupt country in the world. Millions of dollars that should have been spent on Afghanistan’s reconstruction have been wasted or stolen, seriously undermining efforts to restore peace, the organisation said on Wednesday.      Full news...

  • January 26, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Afghanistan: 15-Year Occupation to Last Multiple Generations More While presenting it as a shift in President Obama’s mindset, Pentagon officials are talking up the idea that the US occupation of Afghanistan, which began in late 2001, is not just extended for a couple of additional years but will continue for several more decades, and for all intents and purposes may as well be permanent.      Full news...

  • January 24, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Afghan female lawmaker glorifies Taliban attack on journalists that killed 8, injured 25
    RAWA News: A female Afghan lawmaker, Homa Sultani, glorified a gruesome attack carried out against Afghan journalists by the Taliban on her official Facebook account, stating: “I am thankful to God Almighty that an attack by a devotee killed a number of filthy bastards of the US … May God accept the martyrdom of this devotee and grant him a place in Paradise… and place these filthy, illegitimate creations of the US and other Kuffar (non-Muslims) in the lowest of Hell… Amen”      Full news...

  • January 22, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    SHOCKER! 800 Million USD Investment In Afghanistan’s Economy Is A Total Waste
    The Daily Caller: An 800 million USD Department of Defense task force intended to promote Afghanistan business was an utter failure, a government watchdog told a congressional subcommittee Thursday. The Task Force for Business and Stability Operations – a nearly 800 million USD investment in Afghanistan – “has generally not delivered on its stated goals,” Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko told a Senate Armed Services subcommittee.      Full news...

  • January 21, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Hard to find evidence of justice
    The Killid Group: In Badghis, a nine-year-old girl was sexually attacked by 11 men including four policemen. Fareed Akhizai, head of Badghis provincial council, says the incident was in Jowand. “The girl’s father is dead. Armed men forcibly gave her in matrimony for 750,000 Afs (10,900 USD)after she was sexually harassed. The mother and grandmother came to the Badghis capital to complain to the police commandant and provincial council,” says Akhizai.      Full news...

  • January 20, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Six million Afghanis missing from the Education Directorate of Daikundi
    Khaama Press: Six million Afghanis have gone missing from the Education Directorate of central Daikundi province. Clerk of the Education Directorate had reportedly withdrawn six million Afghanis from the bank a few days before who has been missing since then. Sayed Mustafa Musawi, Finance Manager at the Education Directorate says that the clerk’s cell phone is also not working.      Full news...

  • January 18, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Man cuts off his wife’s nose in Faryab before fleeing to Taliban-held area
    Khaama Press: A man has escaped to a Taliban-held area after cutting off his wife’s nose in northern Faryab province of Afghanistan, local officials said Monday. Provincial police chief Syed Aqa Andarabi said the incident took place late on Sunday in Ghormach district. He said an investigation has been launched with preliminary reports suggesting the man committed the crime due to family issues.      Full news...

  • January 14, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Badghis Taliban execute man in public on adultery charges Taliban have publically executed a man on adultery charges in northwestern Badghis province. The incident took place in Nakhjiristan area of Qadis District earlier this week after reportedly a Taliban desert-court announced the punishment to Abdul Ahad, the man killed. Mirza Ali, Governor of Qadis while confirming the incident said that Abdul Ahad was shot dead by Taliban two days before.      Full news...

  • January 12, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    40 Percent of Afghan Children out of School: UNICEF
    New Afghan Press: Forty percent of children in Afghanistan, battered by four decades of conflict, are out of school, UNICEF said on Monday. An estimated 24 million children of school age are not in school in 22 countries affected by conflict, the agency found. South Sudan has the largest proportion of children out of school, 51 percent, followed by 47 percent in Niger, 41 percent in Sudan, and 40 percent in Afghanistan.      Full news...

  • January 11, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Leaked NATO Report Breaks News of Afghanistan’s Incapable Army
    Sputnik: Despite billions of dollars of investment the Afghan army is not ready for battle against the Taliban, who have surged in the past year, according to a secret NATO report seen by German magazine Der Spiegel. “Altogether across the country, only one of 101 infantry battalions is classified as ’ready for battle’ and 38 units have ’massive problems,’” the NATO report detailed, according to Spiegel.      Full news...

  • January 10, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Poll: 82 percent of Afghan youths concerned of poverty, unemployment
    Khaama Press: The majority of Afghan youths have picked deteriorating economic situation among the top challenges they face, putting aside the political and security challenges the country is facing currently. According to a latest poll report by Democracy International, up to 82 percent of the Afghan youths believe unemployment and poverty are the most serious challenges they are facing.      Full news...

  • January 9, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Schools in name only
    The Killid Group: Going to school is fraught with danger in provinces like Takhar, Sar-e Pol, Baghlan, Parwan, Nangarhar, Kunduz, Helmand and Badakhshan. Schools have been targeted and buildings blown up by Taleban and other armed anti-government fighters. Nearly 10 million students – a little less than half girls – are affected.      Full news...

  • January 7, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Afghanistan: Nine Months Fighting Malnutrition in Helmand Province
    Doctors Without Borders: Australian pediatric nurse Sam Templeman recently returned from Helmand Province, in the south of Afghanistan, where he worked with Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) from December 2014 to September 2015. In the provincial capital city, Lashkar Gah, MSF supports the Ministry of Public Health’s Boost Hospital. Here, Templeman discusses his experience.      Full news...

  • January 4, 2016 :: RSS :: Print :: Email
    Stoned Ghor Girl’s Parents Get No Justice The parents of the girl stoned to death in Ghor province two months ago have blasted government for having yet brought the perpetrators to justice. The father of the victim, Abdul Karim said that nothing has been done to bring the killers of his daughter, Rukhshana, to justice and that no assistance has been given to them.      Full news...