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RAWA News, June 10, 2009

Governor of Jowzjan Province Accused of Wasting Foreign Aid

“Believe it, the aid of Turkmenistan to Jowzjan has completely disappeared and no one really knows where it went or to whom it was given. There is no evidence to show its distribution either.”

Mohammad Hashim Zare, the governor of Jowzjan province in Northern Afghanistan, has been accused of wasting the aid donated to the people of this province by Turkmenistan, central government and other organizations which has been sent to the flood-affected people in that province.

Ferouza Quraishi, the deputy of the Provincial Council of Jowzjan called the governor inefficient” and said the aid has not reached those in need. Zare called the accusations “baseless”.

An international aid expert says only pennies from each dollar being sent to Afghanistan are actually reaching the people who need help. Marco Vicenzino says he is appalled by the inefficiency of humanitarian aid efforts.
He says the remainder goes though "layers of corruption" in Afghanistan and only about a nickel actually reaches the people.
The Canadian Press, May 28, 2009

In an interview with Tolo TV Firouza said, “The aid that was given to the flood-hit people of this province by the government and other organizations has been wasted by the governor.”

She said other than this aid, about 5000 tonne of flour and other things donated to this province last year by Turkmenistan had also disappeared and not given to the deserving.

She exclaimed, “Believe it, the aid of Turkmenistan to Jowzjan has completely disappeared and no one really knows where it went or to whom it was given. And there is no evidence to show its distribution.”

She called the ongoing situation unacceptable and told Tolo TV, “I would like to tell Mr. Karzai that if this lack of attention to the reconstruction, poverty and unemployment of the people continues, I promise him he won’t even get one vote from this province.”

But the governor of Jowzjan, calling the allegations baseless, said, “If the members of the Provincial Council are saying this they themselves were part and members of the commission of distribution (of aid). You can ask them about where justice has not taken place?”

While some of the flood-stricken people in the burning deserts of the Faizabad District in the Mazar-e-Sharif – Shibirghan road complained of not getting any aid, others said the distribution was unjust. It is said that hundreds of homes with thousands of acres of agricultural lands had been destructed in the floods the past month; and hundreds of homeless families are waiting for aid.

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