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PAN (Translated by RAWA), December 19, 2008

Kidnapping and Raping of a 15-Year Old Afghan Girl in Farah

This year some other cases of rape of children have also been reported from all over Afghanistan

Ahmad Shah Sabir

The police in Farah province arrested five men-including a policeman -for kidnapping and raping a 15-year old girl and rescued the girl from them.

Roohullah Al-Amin, the governor of Farah, told PAN on December 19 that these men were residents of central Farah and had been arrested a day earlier.

Recent statistics show that about 25% of women in the country are subjected to sexual violence.
According to Younis Payan, the statistics show that about 30.7% women suffer physical violence and another 30% suffer from psychological violence.
PAN, Dec. 24, 2008

According to him, the policeman of the Provincial Security Commander had kidnapped a 15-year old girl from the Farah city and took her to the home of one of his relatives, and there together with some other men raped her.

He said that the arrested men include the mentioned policeman, the owner of the house in which the girl was kept and of the car in which she had been kidnapped; and two other people. All these have been accused of raping.

He said that the girl was handed over to her family the day before.

Abdul Ghaffar Watandar, Security Commander of Farah province said that the detained men have confessed their crime.

He added that interrogation from the detained is still going on and there is a possibility that some other persons also be involved.

PAN tried to talk to the girl’s family about the matter but they refused to give an interview.

This year some other cases of rape of children have also been reported from all over Afghanistan, in some of which the police is also accused to be involved.

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