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PAN (Translated by RAWA), October 15, 2008

Afghanistan Human Rights Commission Accused of Supporting Criminals

“One of the main problems of the police is that the police arrests the dangerous criminals but then the Human Rights supports them"

The Police Chief accused the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) of supporting criminals.

General Muhammad Hassan Atmar, the chief of the uniformed police of the Interior Ministry, Muhammad Haider Baseer, assistant of Administrational Interior Ministry and Muhammad Yaqoub Salangi, security chief of Kabul were called to the Complaints Commission of the Parliament (Upper House).

Atmar said, “One of the main problems of the police is that the police arrests the dangerous criminals but then the Human Rights supports them; when a police is killed no one asks about him or the reason of his killing.”

He further elaborated that the Human Rights Commission comes to the jail everyday and asks the charged about the attitude of the police towards them.

Atmar believes that such things make the criminals brave.

He added, “Criminals tell the police to be careful because there are human rights and democracy and they don’t have the authority to lay a hand on them. They say whatever power you have write use it to write within 72 hours, after 72 hours we will go to the Attorney and get out of the jail.”

But Farid Ahmad Hameedi, the Commissionaire of the AIHRC, rejected the accusation of interference in other offices.

He told PAN that according to the constitution and all related organizations, the rights and freedoms stated in the law should be observed.

Hameedi stressed that the police is required, on one hand to arrest criminals and on the other hand to observe the rights and freedoms of the people.

He said that the job of the Human Rights Commission is to supervise the condition of human rights and work for the welfare of humans.

According to Hameedi the Interior Ministry and the Presidency should set down conditions for the support of the police.

The head of Kabul Police called the causalities in the police “heavy” and added that this year 730 police officials have been killed.

Today in the senator’s assembly complaints of the people regarding the attitude of the police were heard.

They said that the people believe that many crimes, including theft, embezzlement and transfer of drugs, are done in the police uniform.

Atmar agreed that some cases have been done by men in uniform but said, “We have arrested several men in cases and sent them to the Attorney.”

Dr. Zalmai, the head of the “Complaints Hearing Commission” said that the answers of the officials regarding some matters, including smuggling in police uniform and insecurity in the Kabul-Herat Highway and some other highways, have not been satisfactory.

He added, “Obscene and half-sex movies are shown in some hotels…We asked them to take action but we have not got a reasonable answer.”

He also criticized the International Community and said that without taking into consideration the situation of the country, it has removed experienced policemen from police rank under different excuses.

Dr. Zalmai also said the wages and facilities of the police are limited and this shows that the foreigners don’t want Afghanistan’s police to develop. But he didn’t give an explanation about why foreigners don’t want the police to develop.

About the matter of several foreigners having hand in the insecurity, Zalmai said, “Even if they don’t have a hand, their actions show that they don’t act honestly to establish security in Afghanistan.”

In this meeting a certificate of appreciation was awarded to Ayub Salangi to the Security Commander of Kabul.

Senators said that after giving the responsibility of the security of Kabul to internal forces, insecurity has decreased in the city and this shows the activities of the Security Commander.

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