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BBC Persian (Translated by RAWA), October 2, 2008

Human Rights Violation in Afghanistan “has doubled”

“Three Thousand Cases in Six Months”

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) says that human rights violation cases in the country have increased by two times as compared to last year.

As a member of parliament, Mir Ahmad Joyenda, told the Independent, “The commanders, the war criminals, still have armed groups. They’re in the government. Karzai, the Americans, the British sit down with them. They have impunity. They’ve become very courageous and can do whatever crimes they like.” In this situation, Afghan warlords again produce 90 percent of the world’s opium, without legal repercussion., Sep. 11, 2008

Nadir Nadiri, one of the people in charge in this commission in Kabul says that the continuation of the mafia culture in Afghanistan and “lack of concern” in the prosecution of the criminals are the main causes of increase in cases of human rights violation.

Mr. Nadiri added that lack of security in Afghanistan is another cause of the continuation of human rights violation in the country.

Human rights violation in Afghanistan has always been discussed with serious concern and international organizations have blamed the Afghan government for failing to establish human rights.

In a study of the condition of human rights in Afghanistan in 2007, the UN also said that judicial bodies in Afghanistan have not been able to do any effective work for the establishment of justice and defense of women’s rights.

“Three Thousand Cases in Six Months”

Nadir Nadiri of Afghanistan says, “Last year 3700 cases of human rights violation were recorded in Afghanistan (in AIHRC) but this year only in the first six months more than 3000 human rights violation cases have been recorded. These statistics show that increase in insecurity in Afghanistan have made the condition of human rights worse.”

Mr. Nadiri said that the persistent civilian death in Afghanistan as a result of the military operations and attacks of the bands against Afghanistan is one of the serious cases of human rights violation in the country and asked all the factions involved in the war in Afghanistan not to harm civilians.

Forty per cent of the civilian victims of recent military operations and fighting in Afghanistan are children and women, a local child protection agency (The Afghan Children Protection Organization (ACPO)) said.
Online - International News Network, Sep. 19, 2008

He also showed concern over the situation of education and nourishment due to the effects of insecurity in Afghanistan, and added that rape of children in different parts of Afghanistan-which are not involved in the war and don’t have much security problems-has stopped a large group of children to go to school.

Mr. Nadiri said, “Unfortunately, thousands of Afghan children have been deprived of the right of education and proper nourishment because of the operations of the armed forces against the government.”

He added, “Children don’t have total access to proper education and nourishment, not only because of operations in the south and east of Afghanistan, but also because of a series of limitations in other parts of Afghanistan and because of the people who have targeted children or raped them.”

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