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Daily Payman (Translated by RAWA), June 24, 2008

A Father Sexually Assaults his 13-year old Daughter

The rate of child rapes is rapidly increasing in Herat. Sometime back a 7-year old girl was gang-raped by five men.

This news is reported by Payman, a daily newspaper at its website.

A father raped his 13-year old daughter in Herat. Gulabshah, a resident of the fifth district of Herat municipality raped his daughter, 13-year old Freshta, after severely beating his wife and forcing her out of the house.

The statistics in the report from Womankind, Afghan Women and Girls Seven Years On, make shocking reading. Violent attacks against females, usually domestic, are at epidemic proportions with 87 per cent of females complaining of such abuse – half of it sexual. More than 60 per cent of marriages are forced.
The Independent, Feb. 25, 2008

Freshta says, “My father tied my feet and mouth and raped me after throwing my mother out of the house.”

Bano Hussaini, Head of Herat’s Women’s Rights Administration approved the occurrence of this incident after the medical tests of Freshta confirmed her rape. She added that this was the most brutal case ever reported during her tenure as the Head of Herat’s Women’s Rights Administration and the government should stone the culprit to death according to Islamic Law.

Fatima, Freshta’s mother reported, “On the night of the incident my husband beat me severely and forced me to go to my father’s house. The next day around three in the afternoon my daughter came crying and told me that after I had left, he had tied her hands and feet and raped her.” She also said that her husband didn’t have any sort of mental disorder but was morally corrupt. She elaborated, “He had wanted to do this to my daughter for sometime and my daughter had told me but whenever I argued with him he abused me.” The culprit is now detained by the police and the case is under investigation.

The rate of child rapes is rapidly increasing in Herat. Sometime back a 7-year old girl was gang-raped by five men. But the rape of a young girl by her father is the most horrendous case in the past few years.

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