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RAWA News, June 13, 2008

Protesters in Kabul: Aid will not help Afghanistan when criminals are in power

They say Paris Conference was not in the benefit of Afghan people, because the money coming to Afghanistan is looted

Ariana TV, June 12, 2008:


Hundreds of families of the war victims in a show off protest in front of the UN office called upon president Hamid Karzai and the UN to bring to justice those responsible for three decades long war in the country killing millions of innocent people. Referring to the Paris conference they said hundreds of millions of aid is poured into Afghanistan, but no considerable progress can be seen in the reconstruction of the country.

More than two hundreds relatives of the people subjected to brutality over the last three decades gathered in front of the UNAMA office carrying portraits of the their dear one, asked president Karzai and UN to punish those responsible for killing millions of innocent people. In a show off demonstration against the UNAMA office in Kabul, the demonstrators lashed out on the government on its failure in prosecuting the war criminals. They also said that there are some black listers of the Human Rights Watch in the Paris conference who can never representative Afghanistan.

Handing over a resolution to the UN mission officials the protesters demanded the prosecution of the war criminals including all those engaged in fighting during Khalq, Parcham, Jehadi parties and Taliban regimes in national and international courts. A number of mass graves have been discovered over the last five years but the government appointed investigation teams come up with no concrete results.

Protest by Afghan Justice-seekers Association

Dari service of Ashna TV:

“The protesters thought majority in the Afghan government are consists of criminals and any aid to such government will go into the pocket of the criminals. They were of the opinion that Paris Conference was not in the benefit of Afghan people, because the money coming to Afghanistan is looted while Afghan nation become more indebted to the world community.”

The protest was organized by the "Afghan Justice-seekers Association"

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