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BBC Persian (Translated by RAWA), May 27, 2008

Attorney General Accuse Some Afghan MPs of Committing Crimes and Corruption

Some members of the Parliament have also been accused of committing war crimes and violating human rights during the civil war in Afghanistan from international organizations.

After the Attorney General accused some members of the Parliament for committing crimes and misusing the governmental privileges, the Parliament announced that its members will not show up at the Attorney General.

The commission of the immunity of representatives said that the Attorney General should come to the Parliament itself to inquire from the members involved.

The Attorney General criticized this request of the Parliament and called it illegal.

A month back, Abdul Jabar Sabit, the Attorney General of Afghanistan, blamed more than twenty members of the Parliament for committing crimes such as murder, embezzlement, rape, land-grabbing, beating, ill-speaking and misusing the governmental privileges.

Izzatullah Wasifi, head of the anti-corruption department said during "accountability to the people program" session that he himself has several documents which prove that Attorney General Jabar Sabet himself is engaged in corruption and land-grabbing.
RAWA, April 16, 2008

Sabit criticized the administration council of the Parliament and said that this body was not taking the necessary actions for helping the Attorney General for investigating and inquiring from the blamed members.

The Attorney General has not named the members of the Parliament involved as yet.

‘Respect for Law’

Gul Pacha Majidi, the head of the immunity commission for the Parliament said that in the meeting of the heads of the commissions it was decided that the investigation from the members of the Parliament should take place within the Parliament.

Majid said, “It was decided that the Attorney General would send a council or his attorneys to the Parliament for inquiry from the members of Parliament.”He added, “This decision was made in the committee of the heads, as they considered the possibility of some spiteful people illegally using the personality and honor of the members of the Parliament.”The Attorney General called this request illegal and requested the members of the Parliament to respect the law by appearing in the Attorney General.

Taimurshah Stanikzay, the deputy of the Attorney General said, “I request these members, as representatives of the people and figures in the legislature; and because we are moving towards becoming a law-governed country, first they should implement the laws to themselves.” He also rejected the request and said that it was illegal and the Attorney would not agree to such a request.

Some members of the Parliament have also been accused of committing war crimes and violating human rights during the civil war in Afghanistan by international organizations.

Most of these accusations are related to years before the Parliament was made when the present members were leaders of parties or factions in different parts of Afghanistan.

The authorities in the General Attorney said that everyday tens of people from different parts of this country complain in their office against the accused representatives.

According to the Attorney General of Afghanistan some of these accusations are related to the time when the people were not members of the Parliament.

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