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Tolo TV (Translated by RAWA), May 25, 2008

Innocent Civilians Killed and Imprisoned by US Forces in Helmand

"American forces carried out operations at night and the civilians also suffered casualties"

The civilians in Garmsir District of Helmand Province are living in terrible conditions. Some representatives of this province in the Parliament say that military operations of the American forces have been taking place in this district in the past two weeks and the forces have also killed and imprisoned civilians. These representatives demanded serious attention from the government regarding the matter.


Some MPs said that in the past two weeks the “cleansing” operation of the Marine forces of America had started in Garmsir district. These representatives are worried about the behavior of the American forces with the residents of this district. They also said that most areas of this district are controlled by the opposing forces.

One representative of Helmand province, Haji Mahboob Garmsiri said that the American forces carried out operations at night and the civilians also suffered casualties. He named the villages of Dilaki and Safar and said that innocent people were arrested by the forces there.

Another MP, Sher Mohammad Akhundzada said that the people are complaining a lot about the operations carried out in those provinces.

These MPs said that most of the families in these areas have been displaced and are living in terrible conditions.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of ISAF rejected the claims of these representatives and said that the Taliban have been defeated in this district. Thomas said, “Taliban in Garmsir are not moving forward and have faced defeat. They tried to resist but failed.”

The Taliban were in control of Garmsir district in the last two years but they were defeated last month.

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