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Ariana TV Network (Translated by RAWA), May 10, 2008

An 8-year Old Girl Raped and Killed in Takhar province

Six weeks back another girl was also raped in this province.

Mohammad Qasim Nasrullahi

Movie clip from the crime scene

An eight-year old girl was murdered in Takhar province by her rapists, after she was raped. Security officials of Takhar said that five people have been arrested for being involved in the murder and they have confessed their crime. They are still in the custody of the police. The girl’s parents want immediate action against the rapist and murderers of their daughter.

The girl named Bibi Fatima, daughter of Abdul Khalid, had dissapeared from her home on May 2nd. The girl’smother said that some people had forcibly raped her daughter and then murdered her. She added that after searching for her for several days, her family members had discovered the area in which she was buried and had reported the case to the police. Her father said that the small girl had disappeared from her home a week back and they had discovered her body which had been brutally raped and killed. While talking to ATN he said, "Before finding her body I discovered her shoe which was covered in blood. I was sure then that they had killed her." He demanded the government to immediately punish the people involved.

The statistics in the report from Womankind, Afghan Women and Girls Seven Years On, make shocking reading. Violent attacks against females, usually domestic, are at epidemic proportions with 87 per cent of females complaining of such abuse – half of it sexual. More than 60 per cent of marriages are forced.
The Independent, Feb.25, 2008

Fazil Ahmad Danishjo, head of Police Detective Department of Takhar province said that after the police was informed about the incident, they had dug out the girl’s body and arrested five people responsible for the crime. He also said that the people had confessed their crime during the investigation. The police named Abdul Raqeeb, son of Abdul Jaleel, who is 16-years old as the person who had raped her. Then he along with his brother Asadullah and another 26-year old man named Askar Mohammad, son of Qari Mohammad Noor, had killed her. A couple of other men were also involved.

Dr. Ashrafuddin Aini, head of the Provincial Hospital of Takhar also said that medical examinations showed that the girl had been raped first and then killed. Members of human rights organizations have not said anything regarding this matter as yet. Six weeks back another girl was also raped in this province. Though, the criminals involved are in the custody of the police no report has been given about the punishment of such men by justice and judicial organisations.

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