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The New York Times, March 26, 2008

Afghanistan named third most volatile country, topping even Iraq

Only the Gaza Strip and West Bank, and Somalia topped Afghanistan, according to the report by Jane's Information Group.

By Richard Norton-Taylor in London

AFGHANISTAN emerged as the world's third most volatile country, topping even Iraq, according to a report published yesterday, two days after Afghanistan's bloodiest attack in months on a non-government organisation.

The true nature of the US "war on terror" drama has been exposed today and we witness that they are killing thousands of our innocent people under the name of "fighting terrorists" .... These treacherous acts of demagogy have revealed it once again to our people and to the world that the US government and its allies were just pursuing their strategic, economic and political gains in Afghanistan and pushing our people to increasing destitution and disasters.
From RAWA statement, March 8, 2008

While Iraq ranked at No. 22, thanks to lower violence, the presence of a large US-led international force and an economy buoyed by high oil prices, only the Gaza Strip and West Bank, and Somalia topped Afghanistan, according to the report by Jane's Information Group.

Another report published yesterday said Afghanistan was being deprived of $US10 billion ($10.96 billion) of promised aid, and 40 per cent of the money went on corporate profits and consultancy fees.

The failure of Western donors to keep their promises, compounded by corruption and inefficiency, is undermining the prospects for peace in Afghanistan, the second report warned.

Baghlan Blast
The UN called 2007 the bloodiest year in Afghanistan since 2001. (AP photos)

Published by Acbar, an alliance of international aid agencies working in the country, it says the world has pledged $US25 billion to Afghanistan since 2001 but only $US15 billion has been delivered.

In the most recent violence gunmen killed five members of a mine-clearing team and wounded seven more in northern Afghanistan on Sunday. Two other mine-clearers were killed on Monday.

Casualties also mounted from the bombing of dozens of fuel tankers that supply US military bases at a Pakistan-Afghan border crossing on Sunday. By Monday 65 wounded people had been admitted to hospitals.

Meanwhile, the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, is expected to seek Britain's backing for a Frenchman to take one of NATO's top jobs in return for sending 1000 extra troops to Afghanistan, aides have revealed.

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