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PAN, March 22, 2008

A Young Girl Kidnapped in Baghlan Province

The people of Baghlan say that cases of kidnappings and robberies by illegally armed men has increased on a large scale.

By Shir Mohammad Jahsh (Translated by RAWA)

BAGHLAN: A girl was kidnapped by unknown armed men in the Nahreen District of Baghlan province after the kidnappers had beat her family.

The parents of 16-year old Guldana claimed that she had been kidnapped by a group of five unknown, armed men in the middle of the night in the New City area. Mullah Mohammad Gul her 60-year old father told PAN that one of the men had broken into their home and together with the other four men had beaten them, tied them up and then kidnapped their daughter. He also added that they had cried a lot but no one had come to their help.

Afghanistan is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children trafficked for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and involuntary servitude. Afghan children are trafficked internally and to Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Zimbabwe for commercial sexual exploitation, forced marriage to settle debts or disputes, forced begging, debt bondage, service as child soldiers, or other forms of involuntary servitude.
US State Department Trafficking in Persons Report, June 12, 2007

Guldana’s father said that their home is just fifty meters away from the Police Station of Nahreen but the police had not come on time to rescue his daughter from the kidnappers.

One of the neighbours, Haji Mohammad Afzal, also said that the parents, little sister and aunt of Guldana had been beaten and then she had been kidnapped; and complained about the police not arriving on time.

On the other hand, Mohammad Anwar the Commander-in-Chief of the Police of Nahreen said that Guldana probably had connections with the kidnappers and had planned to run away with them from her home. He added that seven men had been arrested regarding this matter and that investigation is continuing to make things clear.

A week back the principal of a school was also kidnapped by unknown men in Nahreen. According to Qais Muhr Ayin, the former Head of Education of Baghlan province, the principal was freed after 60 thousand Afghanis had been given to the kidnappers.

The people said that the principal had been kidnapped by the same men who had kidnapped Guldana. They claimed that cases of kidnappings and robberies by illegally armed men had increased on a large scale. About two months back in crossfire between the police and these armed men in Nahreen a police officer had been killed.

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