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RAWA News, February 21, 2008

Gang-rape of young girls in Northern Afghanistan

In the current month this is the fourth case of rape reported from Northern Afghanistan.

A young girl was gang-raped, yet again, in Northern Afghanistan by three men. Bashira, a fourteen year old student of the sixth grade who had come to the city on Feb.18, 2008 to get the aid which was being distributed, was gang raped by three men in Sarpul province.

Ayesha, a rape victim
Ayesha, a four-year old girl who was raped in Balkh province.

Talking to Ariana TV, Aziza Jalees, head of Women Affairs of Sarpul province and Said Iqbal Muneeb, the governor of Sarpul confirmed the case true. Muneeb said the people responsible were arrested and are in the custody of the police. The authorities said that Najeebullah, son of Haji Payinda, the representative of the people of Sarpul in the parliament was involved in the case.

In the current month this is the fourth case of rape reported from Northern Afghanistan. The previous cases similar to these were that of Ayesha, a four-year old girl in Balkh province; eleven-year old girl in Jowzjan and another girl in the district of Gosphandi.

Recently, Police officer Khalilullah Ziayi the Security Commander of Parwan reported the detention of four people possibly involved in the murder of a seven year old girl and four others who attempted to steal a Corolla car in Charikar. He said the seven year old girl named Naheed who lived in the Eleventh District of Charikar had been kidnapped two months back and some days after that her dead body had been found in that place. The four people arrested had confessed their crime.

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