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RAWA, 15.08.2023

Let Us Turn Anger and Aversion Into Weapons of Struggle Against Fundamentalist Fascism!

Taliban, as a mercenary and proxy force, has no roots in the society and only seeks to rule by the force of guns and dollars of its foreign owners, whose “honeymoon” will soon come to an end

RAWA statement on the dark day of Taliban take over of Kabul

Two years ago, the nightmare of Taliban’s takeover engulfed the people who have been treachery-stricken and fundamentalism-bitten for many decades now. On this day, by the bloody hands of the US and Western imperialism Afghanistan was once again taken from the filthy claw of its Jihadi servants and technocrats, and was put into the jaws of its Taliban predators.

These two years have made the most desperate, most misfortunate and most miserable nation in the world even more disastrously swamped under tragedies and plunged our homeland into prehistoric times: The attack on all manifestations of humanity, freedom and democracy; The terrifying spike of hunger, unemployment and insecurity; The engineered killings and suppression of religious and national minorities in order to intensify these conflicts; kidnapping, torture, forced confessions and assassination of opposition figures and protesters in the style of their ISI masters; Drumhead court-martials with sentences of stoning and whipping and retribution; Unprecedented censorship and pressure on the media, which led to the closure of most outlets; Corruption, plunder and looting to an extent that people would now speak of the fallen kleptocratic state as "the good old days"; Shutting school doors on girls above third-grade and prohibiting beauty salons activities as of the latest rulings...

And what the grief women of our country since the last two years have been going through is a multi-layered and many times heavier anguish that has made their lives darker than the medieval ages: Mandatory coverage, prohibition from the right to work and education, daily heinous insults by the "morality police authorities", high number of domestic violence and the invulnerability of its criminals, the increase in underage marriages, suicides and honor killings everywhere in throughout the country, threats and pressure and rape of female protesters in prisons, practicing torture on their sexual organs (so that they cannot document the traces of torture through media and international institutions) and Jihadi-like atrocities on them, are all those steps and acts our women are suffering to the bones.

Although now even the young children of our country have come to know such fascism, which in the era of artificial intelligence and the conquest of Mars, tries to prevent “tall” and above the third-grade girls from going to school, will not last for very long, but the US and its allies still have their bloody clutches clenched into the soil of Afghanistan and the region specially that China and Russia are considered possible threat. As we can see that by weekly injecting 40-million-dollar packages publicly plus countless more dollars in secret into the rotten corpse of its product, prevents the complete collapse of their regime and in the name of an "all-inclusive" state struggles to form a "traitor-inclusive" and "agent-inclusive" government, which would be the guarantor of its long-term, strategic interests whereas a new generation of CIA products will be imposed on our exhausted people. Technocrats and self-sold, Jihadi intellectuals are also lurking around like restless vultures so that through the strings of their masters, could return and splurge in their paradise of corruption and fundamentalism and with the "support" of their ancient almighty and restoring another grotesque administration, dominate the fate of our unfortunate homeland.

However, on the other side, in spite of enduring all the spiritual torments, our progressive forces and personalities, especially our leading women, have not lost the most valuable weapon of a revolutionary movement: HOPE. Hopeful for an Afghanistan free from the imperialist dominion and free the filth of fundamentalism. The masses of Afghanistan, whether in the most remote villages and mountains or in the cities and central areas, have already reached this most basic political consciousness and awareness that except by referring to the testimony of Afghanistan's recent history and the inevitable defeat of reactionary forces, no power will be able to cease the however drained and deprived nation for long from marching towards the convoy of humanity for long. Taliban, as a mercenary and proxy force, has no roots in the society and only seeks to rule by the force of guns and dollars of its foreign owners, whose “honeymoon” will soon come to an end with waves of resistance and struggle. It should also not even for a moment be forgotten that the fight against the bloodthirsty and ignorant Taliban will be incomplete, inconclusive and ineffectual without a fight against the worse twin Jihadists and their conscienceless and pseudo-intellectuals who, as indicated by their Iranian and Pakistani rulers, will always beat the drum of ethnic and regional conflicts.

As from the first days after re-installing the Taliban hyenas back to power, it was the Afghan women who stood up and started magnificent and brave protests without fear of the Taliban's dread, and despite being whipped, humiliated, threatened and tortured, they did not remain silent until today…. Most recently, in protest against the decision of shutting beauty salons, they turned tears into strength and organized protests. Surely such waves of resistance and struggle will make vengeance-seeking spirit of the masses bigger and angrier day by day.

To break free from the shackles of fundamentalism and any brand of fascism and misogynist reactionaries, there is no other weapon other than awareness, organization, mobilization and struggle. By removing the female lobbyists of Taliban such as Madina Mahboobi, Rina Amiri, Mahbooba Saraj, Fatema Gilani, Fawzia Kofi, Habiba Sarabi and... from the ranks of women and organizing anti-imperialist and anti-fundamentalist formations, which contains the antidote to decades of catastrophes, we must persistently keep the roar of anti-imperialist and anti-fundamentalist struggle alive and expanding for an independent, democratic and secular society.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) knows only one solution and that is what our martyred Meena has taught: struggle and continuing struggling until the end!

May the waves of women's struggles for a free, democratic and secular Afghanistan always roar!
May the glorious banner of revolutionary women all over the world who are our source of pride and inspiration always be elate!

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
August 15, 2023

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