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The murderous criminals of 27th and 28th April are responsible for our people’s suffering!

Let us wipe off the shameful stains of 28th and 27th April from our history with our staunch struggle against fundamentalism!

هفت و هشت ثوری‌های جانی عوامل سیهروزی مردم ما

23 years ago, on April 28th, the criminal Jehadi gangs took power in Kabul and committed atrocities in a bloodbath never seen before in our country. These brutes had been financed and armed for fourteen years by the western countries led by the US, through the reactionary governments of the region namely Pakistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. The fundamentalist pigs under the leadership of Sayyaf, Gulbuddin, Massoud, Mazari, Rabbani, Dostum, Fahim, Qanooni, Ismail Khan, Mohsini, Mohaqiq, Khalili, Mullah Izat, Bismillah Khan, Abdullah Abdullah, Atta Noor, Zalmai Toofan, and tens of other murderers, took over the arms depot, treasury, and other national assets left behind by the Khalqis and Parchamis. Also, the Mujahideen government granted amnesty to most of the criminal leaders and traitors of the People's Democratic Party who started the devastation and destruction of our country in the first place, and they were all granted visas to take refuge in European countries. Thousands of our defenseless compatriots were left to burn in the dog-eat-dog fighting of the Jehadi.

Our history is ashamed to narrate the crimes and savagery committed against our people, especially the women, by the Jehadi gangs in their four year rule. Countless girls and women were raped in front of their loved ones; many others committed suicide to escape such a fate; the constant fighting and rocket attacks forced families to bury their loved ones’ torn bodies in their gardens or even inside their rooms; the people’s houses and belongings were plundered; our national assets were sold in shops in Pakistan; schools, universities, and government buildings were turned into prisons and torture sites by the Jehadi bands, and so on.

The US and its western allies, who were victors of the Cold war, were busy distributing the markets and plundering the resources of the Eastern Bloc and states that had newly seceded from the Soviet Union, under the false excuse of ‘democratizing’. It did not matter to them that their traitorous Jehadi creations were unleashing disasters in Afghanistan. The world was silent in the face of all these crimes and atrocities. The four years of bloodshed and treachery committed by the Jehadis paved the ground for the Taliban brutes to take power. They were brought to the scene with American dollars and with the support of England and Pakistan.

The murderous criminals of 27th and 28th April are responsible for our people’s suffering

The Taliban savages, who set the scene for the permanent presence of the US, finally gave the US and West a good excuse to invade our country after the September 11 attacks. In the fourteen years of the US occupation and the rule of its puppet government, the Jehadi leaders were given impunity from prosecution and accountability for their crimes. Instead they were placed in important positions in the state so they could plunder, bully and commit other treacheries for another round. The US government probably does not have such committed and cheap mercenaries and spies among its fundamentalist stooges in any other part of the world as it has in Afghanistan, therefore it would never want their extermination. The US has protected its lackeys and constantly uses them in its dealing.

After fourteen years and the influx of tens of billions of dollars, Afghanistan has not found relative stability and is the most dangerous and insecure place for women. One of the main reasons for this is that these groups are in power today. The vicious killing of Farkhunda and tens of other misogynistic cases in every corner of the country shows that the Jehadis are dominant, both physically and mentally, and whenever it serves them, they will repeat the 1992-1996 era.

The sold-out intellectuals and media in Afghanistan is usually trying to lick the blood and treacheries off of these murderers’ faces, and portray them as ‘democrats’, and supporters of women’s rights and freedom. This clique of so-called experts and analysts focus on every issue except pointing out the treasons and atrocities committed by these Jehadi pigs.

With the installation of the puppet ‘national terror government’ of Abdullah and Ghani, which was the result of what was a mockery of elections, we again suffer from instability, insecurity, poverty, unemployment, barbarity against women, increasing drug productions, and tens of other crimes. Tens of our innocent and defenseless compatriots are victims of terrorist attacks every day. Poor travelers and soldiers of the national army are beheaded by the criminal Taliban. But despite all this, the 28th and 27th April killers are drunk in their power and have all come together in Arg to continue their treachery and serving foreign powers.

Dear compatriots,

There are dangerous games being played. The US imperialism is partnering with the reactionary Arabic governments to create and nurture ISIS in Afghanistan. This is an addition to the US’s collection of fundamentalist stooges, and it will use this most inhumane and bloodthirsty force of this century when the time is right. Ultimately, all this is to help the US achieve its economic and political aims in the region. The only victims of this treacherous gang will again be our ill-fated people. The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) states yet again that the freedom of the people of Afghanistan is in their hands and is only possible through their uprising across the country against the occupiers and their stooges. Let us unite against internal traitors and external invaders, otherwise the tale of our nation’s devastation and misery will be repeated, and in a much more disastrous and painful manner.

The prosecution of Ikhwani, Taliban, Khalqi and Parchami criminals makes the struggle for freedom and justice valid!

Let us wipe off the shameful stains of 28th and 27th April from our history with our staunch struggle against fundamentalism!

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
April 28, 2014

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