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Let us cut off the claws of the 28th and 27th April criminals from the fate of our country!

RAWA's statement on the gloomy day of 28th April

While the men and women of many Islamic countries rose against their deteriorated and despotic regimes and the world rightfully called it the “Arab Spring”, the Khalqi-Parchami traitors and criminal fundamentalists, made Afghanistan’s spring a mournful and torturous dark time, and these two days of the month became a symbol of ill-fortune in the recent history of our country.

The seven factions and eight groups turned our country into such a bloodbath in their four years of dominance that even their US, Arab, Pakistani and Iranian bosses were embarrassed. The ignorant and criminal army of factions mercilessly killed 70,000 people in Kabul in just a few years of their dogfights; completely destroyed and looted the city; imprisoned women at home with their medieval-aged mindset; didn’t refrain from raping girls and even children; and eliminated and pillaged our cultural and national assets. General Akhtar Abdur Rahman, Director General of the ISI and father of the Jehadi criminals of Afghanistan had said, “Kabul must burn!”. Although he himself burned before his treacherous wish could be fulfilled, but his chained lackeys made sure the dream of their godfather was realized in a manner more horrible than he could imagine. Gulbuddin, the cannibal, fired more than a thousand rockets in Kabul in a single day; Sayyaf, Rabbani and Massoud declared their loyalty to their Pakistani and Arab fathers by killing and massacring our Hazara compatriots in Afshar of Kabul, and refreshed the memory of their ruthless ancestor Abdur Rahman Khan in a more horrifying manner; Dostum and his voracious militia continued their barbarous acts of looting and raping women and girls; Iran’s stooges Mazari, Khalili, Mohaqiq, Anwari and others hammered nails into the skulls of innocent people, demonstrated “dance of the dead” (a ritualistic killing where a person’s throat was slightly slit and hot oil was poured on the cut, the wriggling of the body was called the ‘dance’) and displayed other shameful practices of Akhundi-styled crimes.

A family mourning the loss of their loved one
A family mourning the loss of their loved one during the 1992-1996 civil war. (Photo:
Destruction caused by the civil war in a city of Afghanistan
1994: Destruction caused by the civil war in a city of Afghanistan. (Photo:

During their misfortunate rule, the criminal Jehadis not only destroyed the material valuables of our country but also damaged the treasured spiritual values like national unity between people of different ethnicities. Especially our unfortunate Hindu and Sikh compatriots were under a heart-wrenching tyranny that could agitate any conscious person. Despite the treacheries of rulers against the minorities of the country for centuries, our people have lived in peace and harmony with them and taken Afghanistan to be their common home for centuries, but these menials flared the tribal, religious, linguistic and regional conflicts at another level, for their personal and factional interests.

There is no doubt that the US and west carefully chose their fundamentalist mercenaries. They armed to teeth the most traitorous elements like Gulbuddin, Rabbani, Sayyaf and Younis Khalis, who are real enemies of the tribal, religious and linguistic unity of our country, and introduced them as “leaders” to our people. After four years of disaster, they again equipped the Taliban against its Jehadi brothers with the help of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other reactionary fundamentalists of the region and imposed them upon our people for many years, so that they could further torture our people, who were already fed-up of the in-fights of the factions, by the execution of medieval-aged laws. By enforcing their inquisitorial policies, the Taliban led our people to more ignorance and misfortune, and by killing of the people of Shamali, massacre of our compatriots in Yakawlang of Bamyan, massacre in Mazar and countless other crimes, followed the methods of discordant butchery and treacheries of their Jehadi predecessors in a more brutal fashion.

9/11 gave the US and west the golden opportunity to occupy Afghanistan and bring to power the Jehadi scoundrels and misogynists once again. So they came with the help of their western bosses and the B-52s of US and NATO only this time they dressed in suits and ties. The same people who once said democracy was equivalent to blasphemy and elections, parliament and women’s rights were symbols of paganism were propagated by the west to be the innate heroes in the field of democracy.

Thanks to the military presence of the US and NATO, the Jehadi wolves have ministries, provinces, the parliament, senate and other positions to pillage our people and continue their mayhems and oppression in new ways. During the war against Russia, the western governments poured millions of Dollars into the pockets of infamous fundamentalist parties under the name of “humanitarian assistance”, today it is paying billions of Dollars to its mercenaries like Younis Qanooni, Sayyaf, Fahim, Khalili, Farooq Wardak, Atta Mohammad, Rahim Wardak, Ismail Khan, Bismillah Khan, Zakhelwal, Mohaqiq, Abdullah and others, under the name of “aid for and reconstruction of Afghanistan”. The Civil Society and NGOs that play an effective role in implementing the policies of their masters, also get a cut of the money.

By relying on agents like Karzai, Spanta, Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi, Ashraf Ghani, Zalmai Rasool, Amrullah Saleh and other mafia associates, the US tried to take away the bloody and shameful memory of 28th April and the following four years of bloodshed. The Jehadi bloodsuckers and Khalqi and Parchami traitors passed the general amnesty law in the parliament and forgave each other for the killing of thousands of our compatriots; the so-called political experts and analysts talk about everything except the atrocities of the 1992-1996 war. The US refers to those years as “civil war” and only uses it to warn our people that the nightmare would return if they say no to its permanent bases.

Yes, they can omit this dark era from schoolbooks and media discussions, but they cannot possibly erase them from the pages of history and the heart of that mother who buried the shredded body of her young child with her own hands.

Today the US and west are trying to broker reconciliation between the 28th and 27th April slaughterers and mercenary Taliban, and impose a united government of all traitors upon our people. The US wants to free the oppressive Talib leaders and include these agents of the ISI in its puppet government. The unity of all criminals does not bring news of peace but more ill fortune upon our nation. When these hungry wolves attack our people together, our people will experience darker and more tragic days. To make Afghanistan its military base in the region and guarantee its permanent presence, the US is ready to strike any deal with the most bloodthirsty enemies of our country and homeland.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) has repeatedly emphasized that the only way to liberation and prosperity is the irreconcilable struggle of all democratic and freedom-seeking forces of Afghanistan and vast conscious uprisings throughout the country. It is then only possible to drive out US invaders, annihilate Karzai’s mafia regime, and put on trial the murderous heads of Jehadis and Taliban and their cultural hacks.

On such an auspicious day can the ill-fated people of Afghanistan taste the spring of freedom, democracy and social justice.

27th and 28th April, shameful stains in the history of our country!

The struggle for democracy and women’s rights possible through struggle against fundamentalism and occupation!

Long live the independence-seeking and anti-fundamentalism movement of our people!

Revolutionary Association of the women of Afghanistan
April 27, 2012

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