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RAWA News, 17.03.2012

RAWA celebrates International Women’s Day

The presence of women in the highest government posts is not important if these women don’t have the bravery to defend the most misfortunate women

A member of RAWA giving her speech
Azita giving her speech. (Photo:

March 14, 2012: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) held the International Women’s Day in Nangarhar province. Around hundred women and young girls attended the function.

Two poems and songs were performed. Sharifa spoke shortly about the history of 8th March and its importance for women of Afghanistan. Azita gave a speech outlining the policies of RAWA and describing the conditions of women under the US invasion:

“The world was shaken and our country was occupied under the excuse of freeing Afghan women, but the horrible sufferings of women has not only decreased, but oppression of this most damaged section of our society has increased. The ultra-corrupt mafia government of Karzai and so-called International Community, deceive the women of Afghanistan and use their plight for their propaganda and throwing dust in the eyes of the people of the world. A few women in the government with a liking for warlords like Sima Samar, Fawzia Koofi, Nosheen Arbabzada, Shukria Barikzai, Azita Rifat, Palwasha Kakar, Manizha Bakhtari, Wazhma Forough and others are used as symbols of freedom of women in our country. The government and western media call the presence of 68 women in the parliament a big achievement as if women have got their rights. But almost all these women are themselves the worse enemies of women’s rights and democracy and are like puppets in the hands of warlords. The presence of women in the highest government posts is not important if these women don’t have the bravery to defend the most misfortunate women. Most of these talk about the sufferings of women through the media as if they don’t want the Jehadi and government heads to get annoyed.

The suffering and heart-wrenching cries of Sahar Guls, Saimas, Rahimas, Gulshahs, Amnas, Bibi Guls and hundreds of other painful stories of self-immolation and suicide due to injustice and hopelessness in every corner of the country, is actually a shameful stain on the face of all organs that try to sugar-coat the condition of women. In a land where drug kingpins and champions of destruction, corruption, crimes and treachery and their traitorous and sold intellectuals rule, we shouldn’t expect a serious change in the hell-like conditions of women. The actual reason for the disastrous condition of our country is the dominance of traitors like Qanooni, Sayyaf, Mohaqiq, Dostum, Khalili, Ismail, Fahim and Co. who have a history of barbarous crimes, are lackeys to foreign countries and have a handful of dishonorable intellectuals at their disposal.

Only and only women themselves can struggle to get their rights. Nobody can give it to them. Women must get organized and stand united against their enemies for their rights.”

A short stage drama was performed by RAWA students depicting domestic violence at home and how women should get educated and stand for their rights to escape the misfortunes. The function was ended by a slideshow on the activities of RAWA like literacy courses and income generating projects for women, orphanages and historic demonstrations against fundamentalists.

A group of students performing songs
A group of students performing songs. (Photo:

A member of RAWA declaiming a poem
Shazia declaiming a poem. (Photo:

Many women came for RAWA's function
Many women came for the function. (Photo:

RAWA students performing their stage drama
RAWA students performing their stage drama. (Photo:

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