Photos of RAWA Activities
RAWA demo in Peshawar, April 28,1998
A scene of RAWA demonstration at Peshawar to condemn the 6th black anniversary of swarming of fundamentalists criminals into Kabul, April 28,1998

Over 1,500 women and men participated in the RAWA event in Kabul
RAWA event in Kabul on the International Women's Day on March 8, 2006.

RAWA's demonstration in Peshawar, April 28,1995
RAWA's demonstration against the crimes of the fundamentalists in Afghanistan
Peshawar, Pakistan, April 28,1995

Women at RAWA course
Hundreds of women are organized in literacy courses of RAWA.
More photos of educational program of RAWA inside Afghanistan
Hanif Ramey address RAWA function
February 4,1994: On the occasion of 7th Martyrdom Anniversary of Meena, Speaker Punjab Assmbly, Mr Hnif Ramy, graced the ceremony and said in his speech, "History will record that Gulbudeen Hekmatyar destroyed Kabul."

Demonstration of RAWA against USSR invation on Afghanistan.
RAWA's demonstration against the invasion of Russia on Afghanistan
Dec. 27, 1987, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Watan School students
Watan School students sing patrotic songs in 4th martyrdom anniversary of Meena in 1991

Watan School students
Watan School established by Meena in 1986

The fundamentalists are the champions of illiteracy and highest incarnations of ignorant arrogance. RAWA believes that despite manifold impediments and meager resources, one of its duties is to carry the torch of literacy and knowledge among women in defiance of enlightenment-hating fundamentalists.

RAWA Orphanages
RAWA Orphanages
RAWA Literacy Program
RAWA Literacy Program
RAWA Hospital
Malalai Hospital
Slideshow of RAWA schools
RAWA Schools

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