Photos of RAWA Activities

April 30: Former PM, Benazir Bhutto has expressed her grave concern over the police baton charging on Afghan women and children who were demonstrating aganist continuing bloodshed in their homeland.
The Frontier Post
May 1,1993
Police baton-charges RAWA members

Pakistani police baton-charges RAWA members
Police trying to stop the participants of the procession organised by RAWA against bloodshed in Afghanistan . Islamabad, April 28,1993
RAWA Function
February 4,1993: Function to mark the 6th Martyrdom Anniversary of Meena, Islamabad

RAWA demo at Islamabad
RAWA demo at Islamabad, April 28, 1993

RAWA Function
February 4,1995: Function to mark the 8th Martyrdom Anniversary of Meena, Islamabad

RAWA function
7th Martyrdom Anniversary of Meena, Islamabad, Feb.4,1994
Photo exhibition
A member of RAWA draws Hanif Ramay's (at that time speaker of Punjab Assembly) attention towards the portrait depicting the pathetic situation in Afghanistan.
Through a photo exhibition at the 8th Martyrdom Anniversary of Meena (Feb.4,1995), RAWA exposing the barbaric nature of the Afghan fundamentalists.
RAWA's demonstration
RAWA's demonstration on Human Rights Day (December 10, 1996) in Islamabad

Girls of RAWA school
Students in a RAWA school in refugee camp in Pakistan

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