Some Documents of the Bloody and Traitorous Jehadi Years

The 344-page book contains documents and images from the bloody years
of the Jehadi factions’ so-called ‘Islamic emirate’ (April 1992 – September 1996)

RAWA book on war crimes

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This book is dedicated to the families and relatives of all the victims of the traitorous and bloody years of the Jehadi rule. We hope that the unhealed wounds in their hearts caused by the martyrdom and abuse of their loved ones and devastation of their identity, will not discourage them, even momentarily, in their efforts to bring Sayyaf, Gulbuddin, Qanouni, Khalili,Fahim, Chakari, Anwari, Dostum, Mohaqiq, Dr. Abdullah and all other treacherous criminals to trial and punishment.

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This book is an ever-lasting document of the country's four-year era in which it endured the cruelties of the domination of the savage and brutal. It carefully and thoroughly exposes and condemns those murderers who looted the honor of the Afghan nation. It discloses the destroyers of the country and the most dreadful acts of the monstrous traitors. Every conscious Afghan, after reading this soul-raking book, will condemn these bestial men (Sayyaf, Rabbani, Gulbuddin, Dostum, Ahmad Shah Massoud, Qaseem, Fahim, Khalili, Qanooni, Mazari, Muhaqiq, Anwari, Chakari, Dr. Abdullah and a hundred others) and the followers and supporters of these disgraceful lackeys of foreigners.

Dr. Abdul Rahim Aziz