RAWA Statement on the International Women’s Day

Women’s emancipation can only be achieved by the restoration of democracy based on secularism!

Over the last 27 years, Afghanistan has been trampled first by Russian invaders and their Khalqi and Parchami lackeys, and then, following the collapse of the puppet regimes in 1992, the bloody and treacherous Emirate of Jehadis left deep and incurable stains on the souls and body of our nation. Four years later when the fundamentalist criminal gangs could not consolidate their suffocatingly oppressive Emirate, their foreign bosses brought into play the reserved players, the Taliban, whose furious ferocity against the women and men of this land, recorded dark stains not only in Afghan history but the world’s history as well. Taliban savagery, though prevailed in cemetery silence over Afghanistan, but when they showed their disobedience to their American creators by aligning themselves with the Al-Qaeda terrorists after September 11, their medieval government evaporated. This did not demolish their military power; instead the blood of over 3,000 innocent Afghan people was shed. Upon the Taliban's dissolution, the U.S. and her allies transferred political power to the murderous "Northern Alliance" criminals who are far more misogynist and anti-human rights themselves. They were declared champions under the shadow of B-52 fighters.

The Northern Alliance showed their true character in their “governance” between 1992 to 1996. Their cruelty and meanness in the darkest era of Afghanistan history was so severe that our people forgot the bombardment, genocide and terror of the Russian invaders and their native stooges. Hence it is not strange that despite recent establishment of an interim government and presidential election, there is honor among thieves just as there is no sign of peace or economic revival because there is no essential difference between the two criminal camps. The "Northern Alliance" and the Taliban are just like one soul in two bodies, because the "Northern Alliance" gangs can not survive without relying on terror and drugs trafficking.

The persistence of the current instability and the West's support of the "Northern Alliance" terrorists in Afghanistan proves that the US and her allies pay no attention to human rights and women rights, but seek only their political and economical interests.

Despite threats and terror by the fundamentalists, our people and women in particular showed their deepest hatred and anger toward the warlords and their love for freedom and democracy by their fearless and massive participation in the presidential election.

By casting votes for Karzai, our women and men availed themselves of a chance to spit on warlords of all stripes -- the killers of their children, the rapists of 70 year- old grand mothers and 7 year-old girls, the religious mafia, and those perpetrators of destruction, looting and sale of national assets and historical relics.

Alas, Karzai betrayed the people's trust and cheapened their votes. By relying on Sayyaf, Rabbani, Karim Khalili, Ismail Khan, Dr. Abdullah, Dostum and other warlords and appointing a few infamous fundamentalist women to his cabinet, he set up a coalition and government based on convenience. Due to the Karzai’s kindness to the "Northern Alliance" criminals, the murderers of Dr. Abdul Rahman and of university students, the bully Jaihon who murdered Haidari, the rapists of the young Rahima and hundreds of other villains and gangs under the protection of "Northern Alliance" bandits are now proudly roaming in the streets of Kabul and other provinces.

The news of government official dealings with the Taliban and Gulbaddin are making the headlines these days. If Karzai feels that he can wrap his shameful dealings with the enemy of our people beneath the garb of so called national unity, he is totally mistaken. National unity is achievable only by keeping it clean from the dirt of fascist fundamentalists. A unity that encompasses elements whose hands are stained with our people’s blood, is not national unity but a treasonable alliance against our nation.

If the fundamentalists are not put on trial for the countless crimes and atrocities they have committed, if their weapons are not collected and especially if the billions of dollars they have put in their pockets are not confiscated, then, in fact, no progress has been made. These criminals would and will use this money to carry out crime and terror and conspiracy and cheating in the parliamentarian election. In this country, now captive of the "Northern Alliance" mafia, the parliamentarian election resembles a mirage and an ironic game, which would have not the slightest effect on the people’s lives and would not heal their old wounds. Nevertheless, the warlords who shamelessly call themselves "leaders and commanders" will continue their reign of terror.

Recently, the "Independent Commission of Human Rights" released a report that contained documents of war crimes and breaches of human rights from the April 27 coup till the collapse of the Taliban. If this report were objective and unbiased and true to the heart-rending cry of our righteous people, then all the criminals should have been disclosed by their victims. But not one criminal’s name is unveiled in this expedient and incomplete report. We strongly believe that if the criminals are not persecuted and punished, and if their names are not listed as being prohibited from leaving the country, the release of such reports only means the deceiving and throwing of dust into the eyes of the people. The majority of Afghan people, who have suffered the most pathetic pain during the past 25 years, demand nothing but fair trial and punishment of all leaders and heads of Khaliqi, Parchami, Jehadi and Taliban bandits.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan has repeatedly asserted that the leaders of Khalq and Parcham, Northern Alliance and Taliban must be summoned like other war criminals to the International Court to answer for their heinous crimes and for the looting of national assets which they have done. They should never be allowed to sit down on any ministry or embassy seats in Afghanistan.

While we extend congratulations on the occasion of International Women's Day to all the oppressed and freedom-loving women of Afghanistan and other countries, we are of strong belief that the brightest day for all men and women in our misery-stricken country would be the day of celebrating democracy based on secularism, in which the influence of fundamentalists to misuse religion is completely cut off. The celebration of International Women’s Day would take on its full meaning in such circumstances. We shake hands with all groups and people who stand firmly with their "flesh and blood" in battle against the fundamentalist bandits of all brands and against their bosses and who do not give in to fear, hesitation and compromise in working toward that day and for the reconstruction of their beloved nation.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
March 10, 2005

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