These are photos and reports of only few of events held by RAWA supporters around the world. There have been tens of such events but unfortunately we have not received their photos.

Please send us a brief report and photos of your actions for RAWA to be posted here.

Vide Grenier for RAWA in a village of France

My name is Pauline, I live in a little village in France. When our village had their vide grenier (car- boot sale) I decided to have a stall for RAWA on May 10, 2009. I sold plants, tomatoes, courgettes etc, since I always have surplus.

I visited Afghanistan twice in the 60’s, I loved the country and the people but not the terrible restrictions and laws placed on women. The first time I travelled through by lorry en route for Nepal where I was climbing and the second time I visited the North-East; Qonduz, Feyzabad, toward the Wakhan Corridor. Oh to be young again.

Our gift of £170 (Euros 183) is very little but I hope it can be put to good use. Our vide grenier was great fun to do. We had a notice saying to whom we were giving the proceeds and had many positive remarks.

We will certainly do another vide grenier.

Fund raising in France

I decided to have a stall for RAWA on May 10, 2009

The Fredericton Peace Coalition's third Annual Benefit for RAWA

March 24, 2009: The Fredericton Peace Coalition, University Women’s Centre, NBRebELLEs and CUSO-VSO have surpassed their donation goal and raised a total of $2,362.10 for the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA). Most of those donations were raised at the 2009 3rd Annual RAWA Benefit in Fredericton while other donations were sent to us from folks far away as British Columbia. Thank you all who donated your money, time and energy to this year’s contribution to RAWA. more...

Fredericton rallies together for women of Afghanistan

Fund raising for RAWA
more photos

Lecture by Melody Ermachild on Meena and RAWA in Scramento

On November 14, 2006, Melody Ermachild Chavis, the author "Meena: Heroine of Afghanistan", made a visit to Sacramento City College to speak about her book and spread awareness about human rights issues facing Afghanistan.

Melody first made a visit to a class to speak about her job as a private investigator and what took her to Afghanistan in the first place. The students she addressed were in awe over what she accomplished and were very enthusiastic about her activist work pertaining to Afghanistan and women's rights. Afterwards, the main event of the day, which was organized by the newly formed student club Peace and Justice Coalition, with help from the Cultural Awareness Center and the International Studies department was a huge success as well.

At noon, there were more than 100 people present in the huge study room the Cultural Awareness Center provided. There were people sitting on the floor and some students sadly had to leave because there was simply no more room left to sit! First, Professor Riad Bahhur, an International Studies professor, presented a short 5-minute introduction about the newly formed club. Then a human rights activist, and good friend of Melody, Neda who is also a graduate of the University of the Pacific, presented a photographical timeline of events on PowerPoint about Afghanistan. Afterwards, Melody talked about her book for approximately 30 minutes and spoke beautifully about Meena, who gave her life to helping the women, children, and poor families of Afghanistan. She said, "Although Meena was assassinated, her organization RAWA, is currently still a strong and ongoing organization today." Students were also very enthusiastic about asking her specific questions about the current government, and the involvement of the United States and what RAWA is doing to help the people of Afghanistan. She was a great speaker and answered the students' questions with her own experience in Afghanistan with RAWA, as well as presenting accurate facts to help provide awareness.

Overall, Melody's visit was a great event, and helped to provide more insight and awareness to what is presently going on in Afghanistan. She made it clear that Afghanistan is a strategic aspect of the current war on terror and if there is to be a solution to the situation in Afghanistan, there must first be security and stability, which is hindered by the presence of warlords in the government.

Reporter: Hakeem
SCC Peace and Justice Coalition President

Melody talks about Meena and RAWA

Melody: "Although Meena was assassinated, her organization RAWA, is currently still a strong and ongoing organization today"

Melody with some students and organizers of the event

"Women’s Message" organize event for RAWA, March 2, 2006

I traveled to Stockton, CA for a long-planned event at the University of the Pacific. I was invited by a group of about a dozen women students --Afghans, Americans and from some other countries-- who had read the book MEENA, and decided to become RAWA supporters and to name their group "Women's Message" after RAWA's magazine. They did so much for this event! They had beautiful posters all over campus. It was attended by about 75 people, and was held in a beautiful room. They had rented round tables and even tablecloths and there was a full Afghan dinner. The event was free, even the dinner. The main organizer, Neda, gave a power point presentation of the history of Afghanistan. Then I gave a half-hour speech and there was a half-hour discussion -- very good.

First of all, I would like to say I am really proud of you. Whatever you have done for Afghan women, and whatever you are doing is great, incredible, and inspiring. Let me introduce myself first, my name is Hakeem. I am an Afghan. I have been living in the U.S for three years. After me and my wife, Neda who is also a student at University, read Melody Ermachild Chavis' book about Meena, my wife started organizing a Women Club called Women Message at her university. On March 2 we had an event with Melody Ermachild Chavis. It was a great night, and we had a small fundraising for RAWA too.

Also, I have visited your website many times. I read your publications, and believe me you are the only Afghan organization that tells the truth and defenses the right things. I would love to do whatever I can for my Afghan sisters.

Event for RAWA in College of Pacific in CA

There were a lot of Afghans in the audience -- maybe 20, as the girls invited their parents and siblings. They raised $518 in donations, and I sold another $50 in crafts. So checks totaling $568 is on its way to AWM.

Students presented a check of US$518 to RAWA

Performance of Youth Theatre in Vancouver for RAWA, April 12-13, 2006

This past April 12 & 13, 2006, the Roundhouse Youth Theatre Project in Vancouver, Canada, dedicated their annual performances to you and your work with Afghan orphans. On your behalf, we offered a bake sale, raffle, information table, and dedicated the profits of performances ticket sales to you. Ours is a small group with very modest resources, but in the 2 evenings we managed to raise CN$500. Please accept this donation towards the opening of another orphanage in Afghanistan.

The inspiration for this fundraiser came from one of the Youth Theatre members, who saw the documentary film “Scared Sacred”, which highlights the cause of RAWA. She was deeply moved and she compared her own life opportunities with those of Afghan young women of her age.

To honor you and further inform our audiences of your work, Rose performed her own original “Peace Dance” as other cast members around her held very large posters of photos of children form your web site.

All our love to the women and children of RAWA!

Sunder Green
July 26, 2006
Peace Dance

Rose Clark performs "Peace Dance". Youth Theatre members hold posters of RAWA images.
Gyata and Sunda presents RAWA info

Gyata and Sunder present RAWA info to the audiences.

Benefit Show for RAWA in Wisconsin (USA) on Sep.28, 2005

S. Krizan wrote in her email to RAWA on July 23, 2005: “I have recently become aware of your incredible organization. I am inspired and emboldened by the manner of your fight. I am working on putting together a benefit show for your cause - but have never done this before, so it remains to be seen how it will turn out. Put me in touch with some other RAWA supporters who have helped you before with such events.”

And then on Oct.1, 2005 she sent the following report from her benefit show along with some photos:

“The benefit was on September 28th at Madison, Wisconsin at the High Noon Saloon. I would say it went over fairly well. I have a check for $400 to send. Some materials, which you sent us, did not sell. A local bookstore has agreed to sell the remaining flyers/books. There are some posters that did not sell. I can either hang on to these in hopes of selling them at a later event, (which probably will not be until next summer because I am now in school) or I can return them to you.

It has been a very rewarding experience working with you, and I look forward to doing it again in the future.”

Benefit show for RAWA

Benefit show for RAWA

Cabaret in Devon (UK) to raise funds for RAWA (August 6, 2005 )

I am Dot Spink from Devon (England). With the help of others we had fundraisings for RAWA in that last 5 years. We have held a cabaret, an Afghan night with meal and have for the past 4 years held a monthly quiz night. We have raised over £3,000 which we have sent to FemAid.

On 6th August 2005 we had another Cabaret to raise funds for RAWA which was a great success and we raised nearly £600. The atmosphere was full of warmth and giving. We had the musician Saeed Hashimi, the sounds he created were beautiful to hear.

Please keep me posted on what is happening with you all and remember you are not forgotten.

Cabaret for RAWA in the UK

Cabaret for RAWA in the UK

Cabaret for RAWA in the UK

Demonstration and Concert for RAWA in Washington DC (Apr.2003)

Demo in Washington DC in support of RAWA Concert for RAWA in Washington DC

"Unity in Diversity", a show for RAWA

The Multicultural Awareness Club (MAC) is a student-run organization that servers to promote cultural diversity + international awareness at the Mitten S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Every year MAC organizes a multicultural show of music, dance, fashion, art, drawing from the talent of the community and raising money for a worthy international cause.

Last year RAWA was chosen to be the recipient of our fundraising efforts. The show was entitled "Unity in Diversity" and was held in remembrance of Sep. 11th. There were about 65 participants in the show and over 250 people in the audience, raising a total of $1700 for RAWA. We know that this money will be well used and we hope that RAWA will continue its fight for peace freedom, democracy, social justice, and women's rights in Afghanistan.

Saarika Sharma
For Multicultural Awareness Club

Event of MAC for RAWA

Bhangra, India's most popular folk dance performed in the event

Fundraising Party for RAWA in Sydney

I, with a group of friends had a fund raiser last week (late September 2002) for RAWA.

The party was a success. We hired out an old Christian church and some of the food was donated by the Krishnas and Orthodox. We decided to get all the religion together for a change. We had some alcohol donated and the rest we paid for. There was an artist auction (consisting of local Sydney artist). We auctioned there work and they received 50% of the takings and RAWA the other 50%. There were raffles, a band and 3 DJ's. All these people were kind enough to donate their time and talents for the party. I also had an opportunity to go on the local radio station and speak about your cause and what is happening in Afghanistan.

A$2,403 was placed into the GSN account on your behalf. I hope that you could send me some confirmation that you have received it from them.

I know it’s not a lot of money but I hope you can do something positive with it. I wish you all peace and love

Sydney - Australia

WOAH (Women Organized Against Hate) for RAWA

There is a check enclosed which is to benefit the organization of RAWA. It is from WOAH- Women Organized Against Hate. We held a silent auction on March 30, 2002, to raise funds to benefit RAWA. There are also some photos of the auction enclosed, one of which is a photo of the founding member of WOAH. On behalf of the member of WOAH we hope that this donation helps with the efforts with RAWA makes every day, as will as to again send all our support and WOAH will continue to educate people about RAWA and other revolutionary organizations who fights for humans/women rights.

The members of WOAH

RAWA supporters the US

Memorial on the anniversary of Meena's murder

On Feb.4, 2002 we organized a small but heartfelt memorial on the anniversary of Meena's murder in front of the newly-rededicated Afghan embassy in Washington DC. Some local supporters of RAWA participated in it.

We talked of RAWA and Meena, and read several poems as a group (each person reading a few lines). We also sent out a press release, and a letter to the current Afghan embassy offices elsewhere in Washington DC.


RAWA supporters in Washington DC
Group of supporters (minus a few who had to leave) and the signs and posters

Sydneysiders celebrate the bravery of RAWA!

On Saturday, February 2, 2002, around sixty men, women and children gathered at my home to raise funds for RAWA. These people came from all sorts of backgrounds; there were academics, journalists, mothers and fathers, unionists, politicians from different parties, teachers, public servants, and lawyers. We were united in our concern about the women of Afghanistan and our desire to do something concrete to assist them in their cause for justice in their own country.

We gathered to eat, drink and talk but also to hear a guest speaker from Amnesty International, James Gray, give a talk about the history of Afghanistan and the situation for women under Taliban rule. We also heard about what the women of Afghanistan can expect from the Northern Alliance and the new government. Materials about RAWA were distributed amongst the crowd. Everyone was impressed by the courage and persistence of the women of RAWA.

We raised approximately AUS $1600 from just a few hours of fundraising. Everyone present was keen to know more and do more for RAWA. We all look forward to coming together again, with yet more Australian supporters, when Tahmeena Faryal visits Sydney in April of this year.

Rebecca Huntley
Sydney - Australia

RAWA supporters in Sydney

"Because of my contacts in the political, trade union, media and community sectors, it would be very easy for me to organize a few functions for the speaker here in Sydney. We all want to do more. Especially me."

RAWA supporters in Sydney-Australia

Awareness drive of RAWA supporters in Canada

Here is a brief report of our event on Quadra Island, B.C., Canada on April 28,2000.
(Quadra is a small Island on the west coast of British Columbia, population about 3,500).
A small group of women in our community set up an information table in front of our local grocery store on April 28. As people passed by, we encouraged them to stop and take a look at the posters, informative booklets, publications, poems (downloaded and enlarged from your web site) and other material that we displayed. As well, RAWA's reports from your web site were downloaded and compiled into a large binder and displayed for anyone interested in further information. People were encouraged to sign petitions and make donations. Overall, we collected about 170 signatures and received $492.00 (Canadian dollars) in donations -a money order is being forwarded to "Support Afghan Women".

I am happy to organize more events this summer to raise awareness in my community. I will keep you posted.

With love,


RAWA supporters in Canada

RAWA supporters in Canada

Benefit Dance in BC, Canada

On November 2, 2001 a RAWA Benefit Dance was held at Roberts Creek Hall on the Sunshine Coast, BC Canada. The dance was a great success and raised $1700.00 Canadian for RAWA.

We were able to show the video "Beneath the Veil" which was attended by about 75 locals; all were moved by the desperate conditions that the women and children of Afghanistan live under. Many were not aware of the suppression that Afghan women endure under the cruel regime of the Taliban. The dance was lively and attended by about 150 people. Many people just dropped by to donate money.

One woman attending Women's Studies at the University of British Colombia was stunned that she was unaware of the brutality and was going to speak to her professors about including information about RAWA and the plight of Afghan women.

I was interviewed on Mountain FM and covered in the local papers, many more Canadians are now enlightened to RAWA and your brave fight against the evil Taliban.

We will continue to have fundraising events and are planning a large bake sale for 2 weeks from now.

I anguish everyday for the fate of my Afghan sisters that now face war and a harsh winter with their children. I can only hope that I have spread the word, opened the hearts and minds of my community so that more people send money.

Spread the word, this is my message…. Never let this happen again anywhere in the world. Women must take the responsibility of being involved in the world community. Many of us in North America turned a blind eye to the Taliban and the Afghan people after the Soviet invasion, allowing terrorists and religious fundamentalists to hijack a country and it's people, allowing women to be murdered, starved, humiliated and persecuted. Watch the news, read the papers, search the web to see what is happening to your sisters around the world, help make change forever.

Pray for your Afghan sisters and their families.

Patricia Josh

RAWA supporters in the BC
Patricia and her daughters selling tickets

Benefit Dance for RAWA
Information was posted on walls about RAWA

Benefit Dance in BC, Canada

The Roberts Creek Elementary School children
The Roberts Creek Elementary School children also raised $200 for RAWA.

Awareness and fundraising drives of RAWA supporters in Santa Barbara, USA
The Santa Barbara Chapter of RAWA held an event on March 3, 2001 in our downtown area. We had nine women in authentic Afghani burqas and we circulated at the Farmer's Market downtown (a popular Saturday event here.) We had intended to be in silence, handing out pieces of paper. But we found that people wouldn't take the papers from us. So we started speaking to them, saying "We're marching for the women of Afghanistan." Then people took the info. It was difficult walking in the burqas, and they got very hot and suffocating. After going through the market, we walked up to our main street, and walked up four blocks. We handed out 500 pieces of information about RAWA. We spoke to many people who had no idea what was going on in Afghanistan, and many more who were supportive of our cause. There will be an article in the S.B. Independent, a weekly.

* * *
Our Holiday Bazaar on December 9, 2000 went well!! We made US $2,784.50 for RAWA, which I have sent to AWM via certified mail. We had the sale at Jill Littlewood's house, on the back patio, outdoors. Fortunately it didn't rain. A. Robertson baked breads which were sold, and Jill's sons sold coffee and cookies. We also had some American made designer clothing donated, which sold very well. We sold a lot of your scarves and jewelry, and some handbags and small carpets. The shirts and tablecloths did not sell, I think they were overpriced. We had a local shop also participate, selling Afghan carpets and antique jewelry. They donated 15% of their proceeds to RAWA ($239)

A. Zumba created a new pamphlet for our Santa Barbara Chapter of RAWA, and we gave it out to everyone who came to the sale. We also sold some of your booklets.

RAWA supporters in the CA, USA
"We handed out 500 pieces of information about RAWA."

RAWA supporters Santa Barbara, CA, USA
"It was difficult walking in the burqas, and they got very hot and suffocating."

RAWA supporters Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Sunset students help women of Afghanistan
North County Times (California), Dec.19, 2000

ADAM KAYE, Staff Writer

ENCINITAS ---- The plight of women in Afghanistan -- where a stroke of nail polish can result in an amputated finger -- has motivated a group of Sunset High students to organize. The dozen students call their growing group SAGA ---- Students Against Gender Apartheid. Any Sunset student can join SAGA.

"A lot of our students come from a place of pain," teacher Roz Light said. Learning about the women of Afghanistan "gives them perspective," she said.

Since SAGA was formed in September, it has raised $900 from grants and by selling bracelets and other handcrafts. SAGA gives the money it raises to the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, a nonprofit advocacy group based in Pakistan.

SAGA seeks to expand from Sunset High, a continuation high school, to other schools in the San Dieguito Union High School District.

The group is designing its own Internet site and is organizing a benefit concert.

Earlier, at the request of Light, school district officials unblocked the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan's Web site from the school district's filtering system. The site had been filtered because of its violent content, Light said.

A visit to is not for the faint of heart. Photos and movie clips show public executions of women, throat slittings and mass graves.

"It's like a movie but it's really happening," Kim Yount, 18, said.

Many Afghan women, Amnesty International says, are "prisoners in their own homes."

According to Amnesty International, the repression of women in Afghanistan has intensified since the Taliban militia took power in 1995.

Tens of thousands of women remain restricted to their homes and are banned from seeking employment, education or health care, Amnesty International says.

What's more, the restrictions are enforced through degrading punishments including the beating of women by Taliban guards in public places.

Afghanistan is at the bottom of the United Nations' Gender Development Index, which measures the power and status of women worldwide.

"It's really a heartbreaking situation and who knows where it's heading," said Colleen McGinn, acting Asia advocacy director for Amnesty International.

The more Chelsea Brass, 15, has learned about the plight of Afghan women, the more "shocked" she was by a CBS News report she felt was slanted in favor of the Taliban.

"Nothing was mentioned about depression rates, women being stoned and beaten to death, (and) women being denied health care," Chelsea wrote in a letter to CBS.

Students receive five elective credits for 60 hours of SAGA work ---- which can include writing a letter to CBS or to a woman in Afghanistan, conducting research or beading bracelets.

The coursework is considered a service learning project, where education is combined with acts of charity.

"In California, there are many of us girls that are on your side and are with you in your decisions," writes Vilila Velazquez, 17, in a letter to addressed Afghan women, through the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

"I want to tell you that I'm with you girls and just be strong and never give up."

SAGA members are also troubled by the requirement that women must be completely covered in public.

The full-length, all-encompassing veil is called a burqua. Being forced to wear a burqua "would be so depressing," Brass said. Chelsea, who wears jeans and a T-shirt that says Glamour Girl, is SAGA's treasurer.

Jocylan Wilson was inspired to verse:

"The lock will soon rust and fall to the floor
And you will be waiting to open the door
To escape from the hell
That you know way too well."

Tristan Stumpf, 18, SAGA's chief executive officer, dresses the part by wearing a suit and tie.

Stumpf busies himself with a 501(c)(3) application so SAGA can obtain nonprofit status.

The situation in Afghanistan "makes you feel horrible," he said. "You wish there was something more you could do."

To learn more about SAGA, contact Light at Contact staff writer Adam Kaye at (760) 943-2312 or


Breaking the Propaganda of Silence: A Benefit for RAWA
Los Angeles, California - Ocober 7, 2006

Oxford Students Organize Summer Picnic to Raise Funds for RAWA

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