RAWA distributes flour among refugees

On April 12, 2001 RAWA distributed ten tones of flour among Afghan refugees at Jallozai camp, some 35 kilometer from Peshawar where around 72,000 destitute Afghan refugees are living.
Reflection in the press

RAWA can provide aid to only a small number of refugees

Thousands of refugees rushed to receive aid from RAWA

Chaildren are waiting to receive aid Waiting for a bag of flour
Those who receive aid are happy One of thousands of ruined children in the camp waiting to receive aid

What RAWA can provide for these ill-fated people is like a drop in the ocean A refugee woman who just received aid from RAWA

Smile in the face of a child who has received flour

RAWA members distribute flour to refugees

The card holder children in queue to receive aid

RAWA distributes quilts among refugees
RAWA distributes ghee among refugees in Akora camp
RAWA distributes medicines among refugees (Reflection in the press)
RAWA distributes blankets and food among displaced people in Herat
RAWA distributes medicines among refugees in Akora camp (photos)

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