RAWA stages protest rally on IHRD
December 10, 2002 - Islamabad

To mark the International Human Rights Day, RAWA staged a protest rally in front of the UN office in Saudi Pak Tower at Islamabad.

The slogan from RAWA orphanages: "The murderers of our parents should be brought to justice; collaboration with these butchers is treason!"

Over 1800 women and children participated in the demonstration to condemn the crimes committed by the fundamentalists in Afghanistan and urge the world community not to support the Northern Alliance or any other criminal group in Afghanistan.

A large number of women and girls came from inside Afghanistan to participate in the rally.

Children of RAWA orphanages were very much active in the demonstration.

The participants had planned to go to Afghan refugees' residential area of Peshawar Mor in Islamabad and march in the streets but police blocked the way and forced them to stop the protest in front of the UN office. Many more Afghan women were supposed to joint the rally in that area.

A large number of journalists from newspapers, news agencies and TV channels covered the rally.

The slogan: "Jehadi fundamentalists and their collaborating accomplices are the murderers of students [in the Kabul University]!

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