RAWA statement on the International Human Rights Day, Dec.10, 2002

Without rejection of the fundamentalists, the human rights observance is nothing but an illusion and a dream!

For one year the world watched Afghanistan to see how the collapse of the Taliban destructors might be followed by an anti-Taliban and anti religious tyranny government. But the entire hopes and aspirations of our freedom-loving people and the people of the world turned to illusion and despair when they saw that the power in Afghanistan had been given by the US and its allies to the "Northern Alliance" destructors -fundamentalists who are more bloody, unchaste and hostile to human rights.

The "Northern Alliance" had its test from 1992 to 1996. It is barely enough to say that the brutalities and roguery of the Jehadi gangs during those darkest years of Afghan history reached to such a level that our people forgot the bombardments, mass executions, and the bloody stifling era of the Russian invaders and their Parchami servants.

Thus, there is no place for any surprise that during the past year we haven't witnessed any significant signs of stability, end of war, security or the reconstruction of life and economy in the country. Quite the contrary, now the world community also has realized that due to the dominance of professional criminals in government, the gruesome examples of human rights violations, assaults on women, the ghastly shadow of religious tyranny, the fanning of religious and ethnic differences, and the rule of the puppet warlords still prevail in Afghanistan.

The demonstration of Kabul University students was answered by bullets as a result of which the blood of Ghafar and Rahim and others was shed. The incident, which is a disgracing scar on the forehead of the fundamentalists and their accomplices, shows by itself how fragile and untrustworthy is this government that gets embarrassed and frightened just by a single demonstration for the provision of water, electricity and food.

From the very beginning of Karzai's appearance on the scene, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) has warned that the domination of the "Northern Alliance" tarnishes this government's image. By merely creating various commissions and the presentation of this or that woman as a minister or chief and so on and so forth, nothing will proceed. It is only by the rejection and then the trial of the fundamentalists that our people, particularly our ill-fated women, will feel secure and calm and that the rebuilding of the grave-filled Afghanistan can become practical.

The US and the West are talking about the war against terrorism and even that their efforts have been a relative success and achievement. However, almost daily terrorist operations, the murdering of two ministers and the attempt upon Karzai's life, the continuation of unchastity and robbery, the dog-fighting between the warlords and the standstill position of reconstruction process, etc. prove their claims wrong. They must know that the terrorism of Al-Qaida and its brethren, whether in Afghanistan or in the world, won't be annihilated unless they stop supporting fundamentalist governments and groups in every nook and corner of the globe and, instead, sincerely support the democracy-loving forces. And in the first step towards this they should put an end to their support of the Jehadi criminals in Afghanistan.

Mr.Karzai makes hue and cry in requesting assistance from the West. But he doesn't think about the presence of the corrupt and Jehadi elements in his regime. The world community must pay the utmost attention to the fact that every kind of financial aid to the Afghan government- so dominated as it is by the "Northern Alliance" bands - mainly will be used to fill the pockets of the fundamentalist leaders, keep their war machines going and their heroin business flourishing.

Among other things, the writing of the Constitution and holding of elections were also parts of Karzai's promises. However, as far as he, unfortunately, is a hostage of "Jamiat Islami" and their "brethren" criminals and as far as the grisly shadow of these traitors still hovers over our people, the said promises will remain just as pretty sayings and words until and unless the Jehadi heads are put on trial. And the Constitution, in reality, will be just for the authentication and legalization of their treasons and blood sovereignty. Our people have the Loya Jirga before their eyes and they know well how it turned into a scene of power showdown and a means of imposing the fundamentalist wishes and whims through the presence of these murderers and rapists of mothers of seventy and small girls of seven. And the situation will not get any better than this undemocratic and agent-filled Loya Jirga if the "Northern Alliance" continues to maintain its filthy existence outside of the grip of the courts of law.

The past 23-year experience has showed that the governments of the US and the West mainly consider their own political interests in their approach and stand towards human rights. After the terrorist incident of 11th September, the reinstating of the religious criminals in Afghanistan is the most crystal clear example of the West's inattention and heedlessness towards human rights, women's rights and democracy in our country. How can one expect such treacherous elements to become "human" and "civilized"?

Bereaved compatriots,

We women and men can achieve and gain our due rights only through resolute and organized struggle. RAWA asks all freedom-loving and anti-fundamentalist figures and groups to prove their pledge to democratic values and women's rights through a practical, unwavering struggle against fundamentalism. We should expose the human rights and democratic value abuses of the ruling criminals and we shouldn't allow "human rights" also to become a tool in the hands of the fundamentalists by which they polish and beautify their macabre and grimy faces.

It is only by the overall annihilation of the religious and non-religious traitors that we can put an end to the human rights catastrophe in Afghanistan.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
December 10, 2002

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