RAWA statement on the Gloomy Day of April 28 *

28th April,
Mourning for People - Joy for Fundamentalists!

Fourteen years have passed from the gloomy day of 28th April 1992, but our nation is being caught tighter day by day around the ankles of those who caused the pain, mourning and destruction in our land. Traitors, country-betrayers, and dark minds are in control of our nation’s fate and our country is sunk in calamities. Mr. Karzai and his foreign guardians, who have invested in fundamentalists for many years, today have given key posts in the executive, legislation and judiciary branches of government, to the most infamous and bloody elements of the Northern Alliance and other savage bands. With the passage of time, the ring of these traitors is increasing. The evil men who caused the 28th April tragedy, instead of being sued, have so much authority in the country that through the parliament they shamelessly announce this infelicitous day as a public holiday. In this manner they ridicule the people, the majority of who, according to a survey of national and international human rights defending organizations, want the prosecution and punishment of these national traitors.

Through the installation of Mr. Karzai government, our people had hoped to see the slightest positive changes in their life, but today the anti-nation policies of authorities and their foreign masters exhibit the real and anti-nation face of the government that converted this hope into disappointment and abhorrence. Mr. Karzai and his Afghan and foreign advisers have shown conspicuously that they are ready to shake hands in friendship with the filthiest individuals and parties, who now wear the bogus mask of democracy on their nasty faces. They have gone even further by giving a share of the authority to the Taliban and the terrorist and misogynist party of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Thus, for all practical purposes, they have not left any cruel and traitorous person or group out of the government mechanism. Mr. Karzai calls this kind of traitor-fondling “National Unity” but for our people it doesn’t have any other meaning other than dirtying the “Unity”.

After the ironic and fraudulent election in which around 80% of the parliamentary seats were given to the most evil enemies of our people, now they want to impose a cabinet that contains criminal, reactionary, collaborator elements that are alien to the suffering of people. Predictably, Mr. Karzai and his cabinet relied on traitorous criminals and in return the warlords and drug lords voted for them. This is not pride but abject shame for Karzai and his partners.

The circumstances of the last four years in our ill-fated country has taught a lesson to our people, that for liberation from vultures like Sayyaf, Qanoni, Muhaqiq, Rabbani, Ismail, Dustom, Khalili, Mujadidi, and Khaliqi and Parchami footmen, and interference of foreign countries, they have no other option but to come together around freedom-loving and democratic organizations, and with their thunderous strength throw away the religious criminals from power. No demon has the power to stand against the strength of the masses for long.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) has repeatedly mentioned that the freedom and prosperity of our people can only be substantiated by themselves and no xenophilous force or foreign power can be the messenger of peace and security in our country. One must be dedicated wholly with no collaboration and conservativeness. This is the only essential standard for any enthusiastic and honest person or group claiming to be patriotic and freedom loving.

Welcome to the feasible anti-fundamentalist uprising of our people!
Down with collaborators and xenophiles!
Long live freedom, democracy and social justice!

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

April 28, 2006

* April 28, 1992: The Dark Day that Jehadi fundamentalists took power in Kabul after the fall of the Russian puppet regime and prevailed a reign of terror and destruction in Afghanistan.

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