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Rukhshana News, March 2, 2024

Eight people flogged and imprisoned in Herat for ‘abuse and dishonour’

“Abuse and Dishonor” in Western Herat Province

men were flogged by Taliban

Eight people have been flogged and sentenced to prison on charges of “abuse and dishonor” in western Herat province, a Taliban court said Thursday.

The Taliban Supreme Court newsletter said the eight people were punished with 20 lashes each and sentenced to five months imprisonment.

The decision by Herat’s military court was endorsed by the Taliban Supreme Court, it added.

Following its takeover of Afghanistan, the Taliban has resumed its rule by severe corporal punishment and swift executions, sometimes as a public spectacle.

It’s held three public executions in the past week, the most recent in Jawzjan province.

It sparked criticism from foreign observers.

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