News from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
News from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)






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Afghanistan Women News, December 5, 2023

The situation of imprisoned women’s rights activists under severe torture by the Taliban

Beatings, Sexual Harassment, Psychological Torture and other ill-treatments...


After gaining power in Afghanistan, the Taliban group systematically, violently and cruelly treats women. This extremist group forcefully imposes that women must be kept in their homes and are not allowed to leave the house and be in the community. The Taliban group is specifically targeting and harassing women’s rights activists who have fought against the group in various fields in the past. Taliban forces persecute them by keeping in prisons, enduring tortures and beatings.

Some women’s rights activists have been murdered and many of them are in prisons under cruel torture by the Taliban, and the situation of women prisoners such as Zhulia Parsi, Neda Parwani, Bahar Karimi, Parisa Azada and Manija Sediqi is really worrying, because of the tortures, they are exposed to physical and psychological dangers.

Accurate and recent reports of the situation of these women are very worrying. It is said that Zhulia Parsi was taken to the hospital due to her deteriorating health condition. Also, the voice of Manizha Sediqi’s mother has been published, while expressing great concern about her daughter’s condition and requesting help from international institutions to free her. Similarly, due to the strictness of the Taliban, there is no information about the condition of other women prisoners.

These are five women who have been in Taliban prisons for months only due to asking the right to education and work for women. In general, women prisoners live in very difficult conditions in Taliban prisons, and due to the focus on social and security tensions, resources to support and help them are limited.

The condition of women imprisoned under Taliban torture and their uncertain future is a serious issue that needs more attention. Torture of women in prisons usually includes beatings, sexual harassment, psychological torture and other ill-treatments. Torture on women in Taliban prisons has serious consequences that can negatively affect women’s mental and physical health.

They usually experience suicidal feelings, depression, anxiety, addiction and other psychological problems. Also, some others may have encountered psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and anger during the process of prison and rehabilitation of tortured victims, which may reduce their desire to return to society.

In addition, the torture of imprisoned women can have an impact on their professional future. Women who have endured torture in Taliban prisons have faced problems after being released. These people may face problems with employment discrimination, lack of skills and criminal history which can be very difficult.

International organizations, including the United Nations political office, should pay attention and take action to release these women and other imprisoned women who are in very difficult conditions in Taliban prisons as soon as possible.

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