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BBC, August 27, 2023

Taliban ban Afghan women from visiting popular national park

The ban on visiting the Band-E-Amir national park is the latest in a long list of activities that women have been prevented from doing since the Taliban returned to power in August 2021.

By Antoinette Radford

Band Amir in Bamyan national park of Afghanistan
Band-e-Amir, seen here last year, was popular with female visitors, who have been banned from most education and work

The Taliban government have banned women from visiting the Band-e-Amir national park in Bamiyan province.

Afghanistan's acting minister of virtue and vice, Mohammad Khaled Hanafi, said women had not been observing hijab inside the park.

He called on religious clerics and security agencies to forbid women from entering until a solution was found.

Band-e-Amir is a significant tourist attraction, becoming Afghanistan's first national park in 2009.

It is a popular destination for families and the ban on women attending will prevent many from being able to enjoy the park.

Unesco describes the park as a "naturally created group of lakes with special geological formations and structure, as well as natural and unique beauty".

However, Mr Hanafi said going to the park to sightsee "was not obligatory", Afghan agency Tolo News reported.

Religious clerics in Bamiyan said the women who were visiting the park and not following the rules were visitors to the area.

"There are complaints about lack of hijab or bad hijab, these are not Bamiyan residents. They come here from other places," Sayed Nasrullah Waezi, head of the Bamiyan Shia Ulema Council told Tolo news.

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