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Jinha Agency, June 17, 2022

Statistics of Afghan women mortalities in April and May 2022

On May 19, a man killed his 9-years-old fiancée in Kandahar.

According to statistics obtained in April, these women were either killed or encouraged to commit suicide.

a women killed by someone

KABUL - Every time we visit social media or interact with people in different provinces, we are sadly informed of the murder and suicide of women in different parts of Afghanistan. With the takeover of the Taliban, these killings have increased more than ever. The victims range from mothers with children to girls two or three years old. The main reason for each killing, according to Taliban officials, is unknown.

It can be said that the main reasons for the killings are poverty, unemployment, violence, psychological trauma, patriarchal mentality and the domination of fundamentalist ideas.

Jinha Agency publishes statistics and figures documenting the mortalities of women in April and May 2022.

On April 21, a woman was killed by a mortar shell in Spinghar District of Nangarhar.

On April 30, three women were killed in a mine-laden car in the Dehburi area of Kabul city.

On May 5, a teacher at a school in the Siah Chashm District of Nimroz was strangled to death with her scarf.

On May 6, Fereshteh, a student at Zavol Private University in Kabul, suffered a heart attack for fear of closing the university gates after the exams.

On May 12, Madina, a 12-years-old girl in Spinghar District of Nangarhar, died after falling into a water well.

On May 12, a female teacher was killed in Nimroz province after being abducted. Her body was found in the city center.

On May 12, a 20-years-old girl was shot dead in Sang-e-Takht-wa-Bandar District of Daikundi.

A girl was killed on May 13 in Almar District of Faryab.

On May 14, a woman was killed by her husband in Faryab province.

On May 14, Gulbuddin shot and killed his sister-in-law, Shohreh Gul, in Almaar District of Faryab.

On May 14, Hatika, a woman in Samangan province, died after her husband hit a stone at her head.

On May 14, 15-years-old Shakila hanged herself in the Watas District of Bamyan.

On May 14, a mother was killed and her daughter was wounded in an armed attack in Jaghori.

On May 14, Nazifa, a young girl, hanged herself in Shirin Tagab District of Faryab province.

On May 16, Aisha Gul was killed in the city of Maimana, Faryab.

On May 19, a man killed his wife in the Herawood District of Uruzgan.

On May 19, a man shot and killed his wife in Tarinkot, Uruzgan.

On May 19, a man killed his 9-years-old fiancée in Kandahar.

On May 20, in the city of Aibak in Samangan province, a man killed his wife with a knife and wounded his two children.

The Jinha Agency has been able to document 19 cases of murder of women. But we are sure that this statistic is unfortunately higher than the number that has not been covered by the media or due to the obscene customs and traditions of the society.

On the other hand, all these murders, all their killers escaped from the murder scene, and the Taliban regime, because they are very anti-woman, did not pursue them at all. According to statistics, these murders are increasing day by day.

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