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TOLO News, March 23, 2021

2 Girls, Youngest 9 Years Old, Allegedly Raped in Kabul

The girl’s relatives said that the issue must be followed thoroughly, and justice should be served

By Anisa Shaheed

Members of a family in Kabul claimed that a nine-year-old girl in their family and her friend, who were studying at a religious studies center in Kabul, were raped by a man on Monday morning.

One of the girls, who is nine years old, is being treated at a hospital in Kabul following the incident. Her family said that her mother did not have the money to pay for her treatment after they realized that she was feeling ill.

Police confirmed the arrest of a man in Kabul’s district 3 in the Kart-e-Sakhi area on rape charges.

Zainab (a pseudonym) is in the third year of school and claims that it was the first time that she went to the center for religious studies but the man raped her and another girl.

“There were other students. All left. I was left alone with another young student. She was the same age as my sister. First, he raped her and then did the same with me,” Zainab said.

“He was hiding himself at another home. There were three other men, too. He was in another room,” Zainab said.

Zainab’s family took her to the house where the incident happened, and she identified the suspect.

“The place where he was teaching is a house. We found him there. We called the police and handed him to the police,” said Sediqa, Zainab’s aunt.

Police said that they are waiting for the forensic medicine’s results on the matter.

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